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Ultra plus double wall

Supreme Ultra plus double wall corrugated pipes are more than solid wall pipes but have a unique wall structure with corrugated structure externally and smooth surface internally. This specific structure imparts required stiffness and flexibility to sustain soil and traffic loads that the pipe will encounter on the pipe in service under buried condition. Smooth inner surface allows uninterrupted flow without any blockage. These pipes produced with state of-the-art technology offers multiple benefits, especially as they are much lighter than any conventional pipes and even lighter than solid wall plastic (PVC, HDPE or PP) pipes. This remarkable material efficiency not only make these pipes competitive but advantageous in terms of handling and installation.

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe has a glass smooth inner surface and a structured corrugated shape at the outer surface ensuring a wonderful combination of lowest inner friction, smooth internal flow characteristics, high flexibility, superior strength to weight ratio and highest ability to support and distribute live and dead loads thereby meeting every installation condition. It performs exceptionally well in high and low cover situations.
Features and Benefits
  • High flow capacity –
  • Glass smooth inner surface having 0.009 – 0.010 manning's coefficient which remain constant without any deterioration during life expectancy helps in rapid disposal of flowing waste without any blockage.
  • Watertight joints –
  • Due to perfect watertight joints, these pipes are free from infiltration and ex-filtration as a result surrounding remains unaffected and possibility of soil or underground water pollution is eliminated.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks –
  • Being chemically inert and corrosion resistant, Ultraplus Double wall corrugated pipes lasts for life time, minimum life expectancy is 50 years which can extend up to 100 years in many typical application. These pipes have excellent abrasion resistance which gives an edge over metal and concrete pipes.
  • Great Flexibility and adequate stiffness –
  • These pipes have adequate flexibility and meets stringent test requirements of the latest standard IS 16098 like stiffness and other properties to meet the application requirements to sustain various loads that will encounter during installation and in use.
  • User-friendly easy and quick installation –
  • These pipes are very easy to join using slip-on techniques with welded or individual couplers provided with the pipes. Unlike conventional concrete or metallic pipes these pipes does not require any heavy handling equipment for installation due to their light weight property. These pipes can be easily laid in constrained areas thereby saving additional extraneous costs. Thus these pipes are very user-friendly and cost effective.
  • Maintenance free –
  • Being free from scaling, encrustation and chemical re-activeness there is no need of any regular maintenance, occasional flushing with water keeps the surface smooth and aids the usable age enhancing functions.
  • Storm water and waste water drainage
  • Rain water harvesting and ground charging
  • Highway cross drainage
  • Telecom & power cable ducting
  • These applications are a very few and the PE DWC pipes are finding a new use almost regularly adding further benefits to this superior technological marvel at a very fast pace. It can be mentioned that the future of efficient sewerage and drainage technology shall be written by PE DWC Pipes.

Adopter for DWC pipe : This specially designed adopters are suitable for connecting double wall corrugated pipes with the manhole and/or connect R/R or pasted type socketed PVC pipes with the DWC pipes.

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