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Amrutam Underground Water Tank


The System

After successfully introducing many innovative plastic piping products for different application segments including overhead water tanks, we are now proud to introduce yet another innovative, useful and superior product i.e. Underground Water Tanks. These ready to use tanks in plastics are introduced under the brand name of "Amrutam". Supreme Amrutam tanks offer multiple advantages over conventional tanks made from brick masonry or concrete.
The Supreme Amrutam underground water storage tanks are designed to provide a better substitute to existing conventional concrete and masonry tanks. Conventional tanks are associated with multiple problems like crack formation, seepage, root penetration etc. Besides cumbersome and time consuming construction and repeated maintenance requirement, the life span of these tanks is short and uncertain. On the other hand, Supreme Amrutam underground tanks are free from above problems and offers outstanding features.

Features & Benefits
  • Rotationally Molded, One-Piece Construction -
  • Supreme Amrutam underground water tanks are manufactured by rotational molding process which produces a one piece, seamless, watertight product.
  • Unique Design -
  • Amrutam underground water tanks have unique patented design.
  • Great Strength -
  • Unique rib structure (rib design and rib placement) provides superior structural integrity to the tank. Hence robustly designed rib structure has made this underground water tank very strong to meet various loading and handling requirements.
  • Simple and Quick Installation -
  • Amrutam ready to use pre-manufactured water tanks are light in weight and hence the installation becomes very simple and fast. Minimum requirement of excavation further saves lot of time and energy. Installation of these tanks can be carried out even by unskilled workers with proper training.
    For any underground water tank replacement or new construction, Supreme Amrutam polyethylene underground water tanks are designed for durability, easy and quick installation. Any Amrutam water tank can be transported to the job site in a pickup van.
  • 100% Watertight -
  • Free from root penetration.
  • Provided with air tight threaded cover.
  • Hygienic and Safe -
  • Free from corrosion and biological growth.
  • Minimal Maintenance and hence very economical
  • Long Life -
  • Free from corrosion and biological growth.
  • Other Features of Supreme Amrutam Underground Water Tanks
  • a) Minimum space requirement - Being available in ready to use form and are vertical in design these tanks can be installed in minimum space with minimum excavation.
    b) Eco-friendly.

Amrutam underground water tank



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