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The Supreme Group

From Strength to Strength
From modest beginnings, as a small single product company in the 1950s, to a Rs. 2,000 crores multi-unit conglomerate with India's largest plastic products portfolio today, the Supreme Group has certainly come a long way.

This unrelenting growth has come through diverse efforts: consolidation and expansion, enhancement of capacities, addition of fresh products and variants, establishment of newer plants, and occasionally, even acquisition of under-performing but high potential units and brands.

Understandably, the integration route has been successfully explored by the Group.

For instance, in a major backward integration move, Supreme Petrochem Ltd.-- and with it, one of India's largest world class styrenics complexes-- came into being.

Similarly, diversification and horizontal integration have been fuelled by strategic collaborations with technology leaders. Two prime examples of this are introduction of multi-layer films and calendered film products in the country .

The Group has made substantial complementary investments in R & D. This has not only helped in a thorough and superior assimilation of cutting edge technologies, but also contributed to a collateral development of newer and improved products on a continuing basis.

So, while Supreme SWR systems were India's first viable alternative to conventional GI pipes and fittings, the unflagging creation of newer fittings keeps an unmatched range growing ever further .

A client-friendly approach, a readiness to customize and an eagerness to provide all technical support have played no mean role in propelling Supreme to leadership.

An open mind and receptivity to new ideas and needs remain hallmarks of the Group's interface with all customers-- in India and across the globe .
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