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The System
Supreme indo green PP-R is one more advanced and ideal option, designed for hot and cold water and it is the latest and most suitable system for all plumbing applications. Besides plumbing, this system can also be used for varieties of applications like air distributions, radiator heating etc. The specific chemical structure of indogreen PP-R provides the well balanced mechanical properties and superior long term heat resistance. More importantly, the water flowing through it does not have any negative biological effect and hence remain most hygienic. Indo green pipes are endorsed with most prestigious DVGW certification from Germany, thus signifying its quality, performance and suitability for potable water application. Indo green PP-R is the most suitable and ideal solution for housing sector and is approved by M.C.G.M. The system is in use for more than 25 years in Europe, Gulf, China and Russia and gaining good acceptance across the world.
Raw material
The Supreme indo green pipes and fittings are manufactured using polypropylene random co-polymer type - 3 (PP-R), supplied by reputed European companies which has bodycote certification - an independent International testing body certifying the long term performance of raw material. It has high molecular weight and excellent creep resistance, which are fundamental characteristics for the transportation of hot fluids under pressure.
Product specifications and Range
Supreme Indo green PP-R pipes are manufactured according to IS 15801 whereas fittings are manufactured as per ISO 15874 standard. Supreme indo green pipes and fittings are available in the dimensions 20 to 160mm. Pipes are supplied in 3m lengths in SDR-11, SDR-7.4 and SDR-6 pressure class, where as moulded fittings are available in highest PN20 or PN25 pressure class. 160 mm fittings are also available in PN10 and PN16. All the threaded inserts in the transition fittings are in brass to withstand chemical corrosion at elevated temperatures. Supreme indo green PP-R pipes are UV-resistant and hence fully stabilized against damaging effect of sun rays.
Features & Benefits
  • Light weight, easy and quick assembly
  • which results in extensive saving on time and labor.
  • Ideal and Safest system for carrying drinking water
  • PP-R is absolutely free from corrosion and negative biological effects. It does not break down even under the harshest of water conditions; hence the quality of water never deteriorates. It is in full compliance with the International standards on the use of plastics materials for the transportation of potable water.
  • Safe and watertight joint
  • Joints are prepared by fusion process using poly-fusion device. This process gives homogeneous, integral and long lasting watertight joints. Extensive saving in time and labor is possible with this special joining technique.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks
  • PP-R pipes and fittings are stable against the majority of known aggressive and toxic chemicals, aggressive soils and fluids in the external environment.
  • Reduced head loss
  • Mirror smooth inside surface ensures high flow rates and very low frictional losses.
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Which results in saving on insulation cost, thereby reducing overall operational costs.
  • Free from scaling
  • Indo green PP-R is totally free from scaling. This is mainly due to the unique properties like extremely smooth surface, non-polar nature of the material and low surface energy of the PP-R. Limestone or other deposits cannot form and hence there is no scaling or blockage in the pipelines throughout the life of the piping system, irrespective of water quality.
  • High impact strength
  • Indo green PP-R has a very good impact strength and hence no possibility of breakage.
  • Low on sound
  • The sound dampening property of PP-R is a major attraction in plumbing, flushing and pressurized flow applications.
  • Long operational durability
  • Indo green system ensures a minimum 50 years of trouble free performance.

  • Overall economy
  • This system is most cost effective than any other plumbing system. Moreover, due to savings in installation and insulation cost, this system is even comparable with standard make class-B G.I. piping system.

    Beside above stated benefits, it has very good resistance to frost, abrasion and stray current and is considered to be most suitable in seismic area's.
  • Distinguishing features of indo green PP-R
    Salient and unique feature, which distinguish Supreme indo green from other brands available in the market are -
  • •Quality conformity with European and International Standards.

    • Manufactured from PP-R type-3, supplied by reputed European suppliers which have Bodycote (an independent international testing body) certification. Indigenously manufactured complete range of pipes and fittings from 20 to 160mm with necessary heating tools and accessories.

    • Availability of fittings in PN 20 pressure class. For 160 mm size fabricated fittings are available in PN10 and PN16 pressure class.

    • UV resistance - Single layered UV- stabilized pipes , makes it suitable for outdoor application.

    • Long lasting - minimum 50 years of trouble free performance.

Fields of applications

Indo green PP-R is designed for hot and cold water supply and heating applications and it is suitable for different applications enlisted below.

  1. Hot and cold water supply in residential, industrial, commercial and public projects.
  2. Solar heater applications.
  3. Drinking water and liquid foods
  4. Watering systems for greenhouses and gardens
  5. Transportation of aggressive fluids
  6. Water purifying plants
  7. Radiator heating
  8. Traditional heating systems
  9. Air distribution and compressed air systems.
  10. Chilled water and air conditioning
Product Range

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