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PROTEC litecell


Protec Litecell
Protec Litecell Formerly:Formerly: Litecell (XLPE)

A lightweight wonder...

PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) is a closed cell, crosslinked, dual expansion PE / EVA foam manufactured by block process. The product offers unique features like good strength, good mechanical properties at much lower weight. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) has extremely fine micro-cellular structure and is an ideal choice for applications requiring - space fillers, display casings, aesthetic & non-toxic educational aids, toys etc. The product offers excellent buoyancy and is extensively preferred in recreational swimming aids & floating devices. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) is a thermoformable packaging foam material.

Features :

  • Very fine microcellular closed cell, crosslinked structure - Better aesthetics, ideal foam for promotional goods

  • Manufactured by bun process in two stage expansion under license from patented Japanese technology first time in India

  • Available in single block of 100 mm thickness

  • Very low weight yet reasonably good mechanical strengths

  • Excellent buoyancy, ideal for floatation devices, swimming aids etc.

  • Non-toxic and excellent resistance to chemicals

  • Flexible and resilient

  • Shock absorbing - can take repetitive shocks

  • Non-abrasive, non-porous with negligible water absorption

  • Environmental friendly - CFC free manufacturing process

  • Thermoforming capabilities for specialty mats & components

Applications :

  • Packaging solutions: Case inserts, box liners, crate liners, medical equipment packaging, corner pads, fragile glass packing etc.

  • Industrial: Adhesive laminated cold application gaskets and tapes, self adhesive pads, carpet underlay pads, door trims, auto door trims etc.



  • 6th-National-Awards-for-Technology-Innovation
  • Puducherry Unit won Quality Circle Award 2015, from Whirlpool
  • Gold Category Award to Durgapur Unit
  • Adoption of Best Practice Faurecia
  • Export Award Function
  • Growth with Quality
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  • Long Term Support from Tata Chemical Limited
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