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Auto Protec protec capcell

Unique solution for protective packaging of glass sheets, fragile material and expensive Auto parts

problem Identified: High cost of packaging and breakage of glass in transit due to its fragile nature, resulting in rejection of the material

Solution by Supreme: Developed cost effective, protective packaging separators made of 'PROTECcapcell' - Crosslinked polyethylene foam, mounted on special frames to give effective cushioning to the glass, thereby avoiding vibration impact, as also collision between glass panels.

Over 90% reduction in breakages



  • 6th-National-Awards-for-Technology-Innovation
  • Puducherry Unit won Quality Circle Award 2015, from Whirlpool
  • Gold Category Award to Durgapur Unit
  • Adoption of Best Practice Faurecia
  • Export Award Function
  • Growth with Quality
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  • Honda
  • Long Term Support from Tata Chemical Limited
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