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Case Studies

Protec Protec 5

Novel, customised solution for protective packaging of electronic goods and sensitive IT merchandise

Identified problem: Static charge developed in the electronic goods due to the packaging material, as a result damaging expensive electronic circuits.

Solution by Supreme: Developed anti-static ‘PROTECarmour ’ (PE foam) / ‘PROTECbubble’ (Air bubble film) fitments and covers to prevent the development of static charge, thus avoiding damage to the product, and giving apt cushioning while in transit.

Eliminated the rejection developed due to static Charges

Protec Protec 6

Identified problem: Damage to the CPU during transit due to external shocks.

Solution by Supreme: Designed and manufactured customised buffers made of ‘PROTECarmour' (PE foam), with specially designed middle ribs tapered to fit into the profile of the cabinet design, providing a snug fit, therefore reducing the damage caused to the merchandise during transportation.

Above 90% reduction and 10% reduction in package volume


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