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Siltank overhead water tanks


The System

After successfully introducing many innovative products for various application segments there was a special demand for quality water storage tanks by our esteemed customers. Looking at the repeated demand, we recently introduced superior quality water tanks under the brand name SILTANK. Supreme Siltanks are made using virgin raw material in 500 to 5000 litres capacity. Siltank overhead tanks are made available in different varieties viz. two layer, three layer, four layer in different colours including ISI two layer verity in black colour. Four layered tanks in white colour are thermally insulated using foam layer to reduce the effect of sunlight thus it keeps water cool in summer and prevent it from becoming too cool in winter season. Besides elegance, the design of the tanks with special rib structure together with special compound used in manufacturing makes them much stronger and durable. Siltank is much superior to any other water tanks available in the market in terms of strength and performance.

Loft Tanks : Recently loft tanks in different sizes and varieties are being added to complete the range. Unlike other commercial tanks, Supreme overhead and loft tanks are made from virgin raw material and their capacities are equal or exceeds the specified storage capacities. In short Siltank is a "value for many proposition" and lasts for lifetime.
Features & Benefits
  • 100% Virgin Raw Material -
  • Manufactured from 100% virgin polyethylene, Siltank promises superior quality and long lasting performance .
  • Strong & Durable -
  • Unique and innovative design of the ribs makes it strong and sturdy as compared to the regular products available in the market. This gives an edge to the Siltank and make it strong against bulging when filled with water. Siltank has very good impact strength and it is virtually unbreakable.
  • Thermal Insulation -
  • Provision of foam layer in the tanks together with it's white color improves the insulation and keeps the inside water cool in summer. Also keeps water reasonably warm in winter time. Thus it helps to maintain a temperature difference of around 15- 20 C.
  • UV Stability -
  • UV stabilization prevents degradation of material due to effect of ultraviolet rays and ensure that there is no cracking or loss of physical properties.
  • Most Suitable For Drinking Water -
  • Use of food grade plastic ensure its suitability for potable water as water doesn't get affected due to its long term contact with plastics.
  • Easy Installation -
  • Built in provision of hooks for lifting the tanks to higher floors makes the installations easy.
  • Strong Covers -
  • Specially designed injection moulded covers are much stronger than normally available light weight covers in the market. Its unique design and simple locking provision makes it much better for opening and closing. Tanks are now made available in two different cover options. One with simple rotate and lock type and other with threaded covers.
  • Full Capacity Guaranteed -
  • Unlike commercial tanks the storage capacity of Siltank is equal or exceeds the specified storage capacity of each tank.

Siltank Overhead water tanks

Siltank Overhead water tanks



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