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Ultra Manhole

Ultra Manhole

Ultra Manhole 1

Access to the sewer system for inspection, cleaning or maintenance is obtained either through inspection chamber or manhole. Unlike conventional drainage system, the entry of man in advanced plastic drainage / sewer system comprising readymade chamber or manhole is almost not required. In most cases modern technology CCTV inspection cameras for inspection and jet cleaners for cleaning are available.
Most of the sewer requirements are fulfilled through Ultra 600, however where man entry is essentially required, Supreme is now introduces Ultra 1000 and Ultra 1200 readymade manhole. This redymade, redy to use manhole offered by the company consists of base, shaft and a cone with suitable cover solution. This robust manhole, designed, manufactured and tested as per EN:13598 standard offers multiple advantages.

Fields of Application

Ultra Manhole 2

Ultra 1000 and Ultra1200 manholes are designed to provide easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of private and public sewer up to 6 meter invert depth. Complete solution having robust design, durability and flexibility makes it suitable for any situation and hence it is superior substitute to conventional concrete and masonry manhole.

Product Range
Ultra manhole is designed in three components i.e. Base, Shaft and Cone. Manhole Base is made available in different flow profiles. Ultra 1000 Manhole (1000 mm inside diameter) is available in 6 different profiles where as Ultra 1200 (1200 mm inside diameter) is made available in 7 different flow profiles. Manhole base is provided with 315 mm and 250 mm inlet (s) and outlet. Smaller size of pipes can be connected using eccentric reducers. Ultra 1200 Straight through profile with 400 mm and 450 mm inlet and outlet is also made available to meet large size sewer requirements. Shafts are supplied in different lengths and can be cut on site as per requirement. Shafts can be placed one on the other for increased depth. The joints between different components of manhole i.e. Base, shaft or cone is to be made using simple rubber seal joints. Manhole is supplied with inbuilt ladder and provided with spacious 640 mm entrance. The advance cone and shaft designed with ribs and corrugation and shape of cone makes the assembly strong enough and stable to withstand heavy traffic loads and suitable up to 6 m depth.
  • Complete plastic solution - ready to use specious 1.0 and 1.2 m diameter and 640 mm entrance
  • 90% lighter than concrete manhole - Easy to handle - Simple and quick installation
  • Robust design which can withstand heavy traffic loads up to 40 tons wheel load
  • 100% water tight structure - free from infiltration and ex-filtration
  • Smooth internal surface, less slime build-up, minimizing the risk of blockage
  • Suitable for installation depths up to 6 m
  • Safe against flotation
  • Flat bottom for easy and proper installation
  • Provided with inbuilt ladder for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Adjustable height to suit site requirement during installation
  • Simple and reliable pipe connections at different levels are possible using ‘In-Situ’ adapters
  • Strong and durable-can lasts for more than 50 years
  • Eco-friendly and Cost effective
Product range:

Ultra Manhole 3

Single Piece Manhole :
In most of the projects the invert depth of manhole is normally below 3.0 m, for such applications the use of three piece manhole may not be cost effective. Considering this fact our design team have come out with the light weight yet strong manhole in single piece design. Like our existing 3 piece design manholes, this uniquely designed cost effective product is strong enough to withstand all sorts of loads. This new design offers following additional benefits.
Single piece cost effective design – This uniquely designed product is made available in single piece and hence the need for rubber ring used for connections of base, shaft and cone are eliminated besides substantial saving in total product weight.
Easy and fast installation – Being in single piece and lighter in weight it is very easier for installation. This single piece manhole is made available in different depths from 1.2 to 3.0 m invert depths with a difference of 0.3 m and hence it can be selected as per the site requirement.
Light weight yet strong and sturdy – In spite of light in weight, this uniquely designed product is strong and sturdy to handle all sorts of soil and traffic loads that will encounter during and after installation.

Ultra Manhole 3



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