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The System

Supreme underground drainage pipe system suppliers has been designed with a view to modern man's inclination towards health, hygiene and his aversion to filth and pollutants. Due to unpleasant nature of human waste, a drainage system should be "out of sight and out of mind". Most of the drainage systems are actually hidden from sight. It is hence important that it should be of superior quality and should be able to function year after year without leakage or defects. It becomes unpleasant and expensive to address such problem that arise in conventional underground products unexpectedly. Such problems may happen due to poor product quality or due to faulty construction and outdated technology.
Supreme Nu-drain is intended to carry soil and waste from building to roadside sewers or drains and from there to treatment plant or disposal point. This system is advantageous and offer multiple advantages over traditional drainage products for all sorts of drainage and sewerage application and installations. Nu-drain is highly recommended for buildings where hygiene is a prerequisite such as hospitals, hotels etc. This can also be used for rainwater collection and disposal, including rainwater harvesting. Thus, Nu-drain is a complete solution for underground drainage and sewerage application. Being 100% watertight, it is free from ingress and seepage of water and hence considered to be most hygienic. Unlike conventional drainage products, it is free from pollution of underground water, soil or ill effects on building foundations. In this fast age, this product emerged as blessing to housing and construction sector. Due to tremendous saving in time and labor, installation of this system is quite simple and fast. The choice of the raw material, the structural accuracy and the strict quality control imparts high degree of reliability. As a result Nu- Drain is now approved by MCGM. Thus Nu-drain is superior substitute to conventional products.

Product specification:
NU Drain 1
Features and Benefits

Great features of this versatile system are -

  • Great flexibility -
  • Due to availability of readymade inspection chambers, manhole, long lengths of lighter weight pipes and different components, installation of this system is very convenient and fast.
  • Perfect hydraulic properties -
  • Mirror smooth inside surface of the pipes and streamline design of the chambers and manhole greatly reduce the possibility of blockage and maximize flow characteristics. As a result, carrying capacity of these pipes can be increased by 40% over concrete pipes.
  • Great strength -
  • Products are sufficiently durable to meet site-loading requirements.
  • Watertight system -
  • Pipe, riser or shaft connection with the chamber base is absolutely watertight and unique design of pipe joints with click ring and sealing ring makes the system completely leak proof.
  • Hygienic and safe -
  • Trouble free performance of the joints without blockage and leakage ensures high standards of hygiene.
  • Minimum excavation cost -
  • Because of simple jointing technique, trench width can be kept minimum and smoother bore of the pipe allow high flow rates at relatively flatter gradients.
  • Different flow profile designs -
  • Inspection chambers and manholes are available in different flow profiles/ configurations of inlet(s) and outlet in different sizes to suit the site requirements. Unwanted inlets if any can be closed with the help of blanking plugs.
  • Minimal Maintenance -
  • Optimum functional qualities and good hydraulic properties play an important part in reducing the need for jetting and other forms of maintenance, and therefore operational costs are considerably reduced.
  • Longer life and overall economy -
  • It is free from problems like corrosion and susceptibility to chemical reactions and strong enough to carry soil and traffic loads. Nu-drain is sufficiently durable, and offers long and trouble free service life.
Components of NU - Drain System

Inspection chambers -Following different sizes of Ultra Inspection Chamber and Manhole along with cover solution are available in the range.

  1. Ultra 250 with and without trap provision with 110 mm inlet(s) and outlet. (Size of the trap is 75 mm)
  2. Ultra 315 mm with 110 mm inlet(s) and outlet is available in seven different flow profiles/ configurations. In addition to this Ultra 315mm multiple inlet(s) with two110 mm inlets at 45° and two110 mm inlets at 90° with main inlet /outlet in 110 mm is also available.
  3. Ultra 355mm with 160mm inlet (s)/ outlet in 5 different configurations. Ultra 355 mm chamber in 3 different configurations with 160/110 mm inlet (s)/ outlet. In addition to this Ultra 355mm multiple inlet(s) with two 110 mm size inlets at 45° and two110 mm size inlets at 90° with main inlet /outlet in 160 mm.
  4. Ultra 450 mm multiple inlet(s) with 110 mm inlets at 45° and two 160 mm inlets at 90° with main inlet / outlet in 160 mm. Ultra 450 mm chamber in different flow configurations with 200 mm main inlet (s)/ outlet and 160 and 200 mm branch inlet (s).
  5. Ultra 600 mm with 200, 250 mm inlet (s) and outlet in six different configurations.
  6. Ultra 1000 mm manhole with 250, 315mm inlet (s) and outlet in different configurations (Three piece design).
  7. Ultra 1000 mm manhole with 250, 315 mm size inlet and 315 mm size outlet in single piece design.
  8. Ultra 1200 mm manhole with 315 mm inlet / outlet in seven different configurations. Ultra1200 mm manhole with 400/450 mm straight through configuration is also made available.
  9. Eccentric reducers in different sizes are available to convert inlet (s) / outlet to required smaller size.

Ultra 250

NU Drain 1

This unique inspection chamber of 250 x 110 mm in uPVC is featured with provision of 75 mm trap and hence one can directly combine soil and waste lines to reduce the cost. This is also available without trap and hence customer has choice to use this chamber as per site requirements. This small version of inspection chamber is recommended for small bungalows/ houses where maximum invert depth is up to 600 mm.

Ultra 315, Ultra 355 and Ultra 450

NU Drain 1

Ultra inspection chambers in different sizes comprise chamber base, riser(s) / shaft in specially developed Polypropylene / PE grade and cover and frame in uPVC or PE. Entire assembly provides a completely sealed system up to ground level. Wide variety of flow profiles are offered in different sizes with inlet(s) and outlet in 110 to 200 mm. The choice of the different configurations provides a comprehensive, level invert system with excellent flow characteristics. The required invert depth can be obtained by using multiple risers or suitable length of shaft.
NU Drain 1 Ultra 315 inspection chamber is designed to collect 110mm drains at invert depth up to 625mm by using risers (maximum 2 risers) whereas Ultra 355 inspection chamber is designed to collect 160/110mm drains at invert depths up to 675mm by using shaft/riser.
Ultra 450 inspection chamber is designed to provide the method of collecting 110/160/200mm drains at invert depth up to 1280mm by using risers (maximum 5 risers) and 1295mm by using shaft. Concentric grooves are given on the exterior face of the riser which acts as cutting guides and shallower depths can be achieved by cutting the riser. Shaft should be cut on the top of corrugation for proper placement of the sealing ring.

Ultra 600

NU Drain 1

The Ultra 600 inspection chamber consists of the base, corrugated shaft and adjustable telescopic adapter which provides proper seating base for GRP / SFRC ring and cover. Use of telescopic adapter is not mandatory. The Ultra 600 base with 250mm inlet(s)/outlet are available in 6 different flow configurations. All flow configurations are provided with specially designed swivel adapter which allows a free angular deflection of 7.5º from the center line in each direction. This flexibility makes it possible to directly adjust the pipe connection in the trench.
This robust chamber is suitable for installation depths from 0.8 to 5 meters. The shaft provides excellent resistance to ground movement and heavy traffic loads. Ultra 600 is suitable for 250 mm pipe and eccentric reducers are available to connect 160 and 200 mm pipes. Simple and reliable "in-situ" connections can be easily made in the shaft to create additional connections.
In addition to 600 x 250 mm size inspection chamber, recently we introduced inspection chamber in 600 x 200 mm size. This is available in four different configurations and are offered with and without integral shaft. This avoids the use of eccentric reducers while using 200 mm size and further cost saving is possible. This strong and sturdy product is superior and helpful in many ways.



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