Dura Rods
Dura rods 3

Formerly: SIL seal / Back-up Rods

Bonding for assured strength with DURArods

DURArods' is a closed cell polymer based foam filler material with a circular profile. It ensures stronger bonding of sealant with masonry, aluminium or other substrates & helps to maintain desired thickness of sealant at the joint's centre. It does not bond with cold applied sealants. DURArods (back-up rods) is used as back-up to sealants to expansion joints and structural glazing systems.

Features :

  • Closed cell hence negligible water/ water vapour absorption

  • Excellent chemical resistance - Inert to most acids and alkalis

  • Cost effective space filler

  • Allows unrestrained expansion and contraction of sealants. Eliminates bubbling of sealants

  • Non-staining

Applications :

  • Pre-cast panel joints

  • Coping joins

  • Contraction joints

  • Expansion joints

  • Back-up to sealants in structural glazing systems

  • Glazing joints

  • Isolation joints

  • Dynamic joints in masonry

  • Window and Door frame perimeters

  • Control joints