Dura Protector
Dura Protector 3

Membrane Protection Board

'DURAprotector' is a polymer based, high-density, semi-rigid, closed cell product which offers excellent cushioning with better load bearing.

Features :

  • Closed cell hence negligible water/ water vapour absorption

  • Light weight

  • Resilient

  • Durable

  • Chamfered edges

  • Easy to use

Applications :

    Protects waterproofing membranes and liquid applied waterproofing membranes in horizontal and vertical applications

  • Horizontal - Used to protect damp proofing and gas resistant membranes prior to and during casting over site concrete, load bearing slabs and screeds

  • Vertical - To protect tanking membranes on retaining walls / basement waterproofing against mechanical damage during back filling operations and subsequent settlement

  • Movement Joints - Suitable for forming differential movement joints when new construction abuts an existing structure

  • Temporary protection - Recommended for use as temporary protection to finished areas such as paving, floor tiling other than PVC, stair treads and risers, marble columns etc.