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DURA shield

Dura Shield
Dura Shield 3

Ideal material for spandrel insulation in glass facade buildings

‘DURAshield’ is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (FR), closed cell; crosslinked polyethylene foam. It is an ideal environment friendly material, used for spandrel insulation in glass facade buildings. ‘DURAshield’ effectively blocks the heat percolated from the glass facade to enter into the spandrel area, thus maintaining uniform temperature balance throughout the building and conserving energy. ‘DURAshield’ is a better substitute to Glass Wool.

Features :

  • Polymer based non-deteriorating insulation material

  • Closed cell hence negligible water/ water vapour absorption

  • Easy to use - saves considerable time and money

  • Low and stable ‘K’ value hence; thickness required of ‘DURAshield’ is lower as compared to Glass Wool

  • Environment friendly - Non-fibrous, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

  • Excellent chemical resistance - Inert to most acids and alkalis

  • Resistant to growth of fungi and vermin

Applications :

  • Spandrel insulation



  • 6th-National-Awards-for-Technology-Innovation
  • Puducherry Unit won Quality Circle Award 2015, from Whirlpool
  • Gold Category Award to Durgapur Unit
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