Autoprotec Range Of Products

Case Studies

A] One-time use packaging:

- Transit packing of vehicles for domestic transportation
- Exports primary packing
- Domestic and Exports spares packing

B] Returnable/Multiple use packing:

- Component packing from Auto Ancillary to OE, and back to Ancillary
- Material handling stores to assembly line, and back to stores

C] Other Important Applications:

Other important applications that we specially cater to in the automobile sector: Solutions in Insulation (heat & noise), Head liners, Bonnet insulation, Weathering Strip & Gaskets (door liners), Cavity fillers, Plugs, Cable separators/holders, Washers, Back-up to sealants, Seat liners, Battery box lining, Anti-rattle pads, Floor mats (thermoformed/ non-thermoformed), Mud flaps, Load body mounting pads for replacement of Ballata, Air filter media, etc.