Performance Films

Multi-layer barrier films
  • Supreme is amongst India's largest manufacturers of co-extruded multi-layer barrier films (upto 7 layers) with over 10000 MT p.a. capacity.
  • The first multi layer barrier films manufacturer in India to have ISO 9001:2008 as well as BRC-IOP certification.
  • Multi layer barrier films are manufactured on state-of-the art 7 layer blown film lines from Windmoller & Holscher, Germany. The only company in India to have two imported 7 layer blown film lines from W & H.
  • Facility offers rotogravure printing upto 8 colors. Have bag & pouch making machines for critical vacuum packing applications.
  • Our integrated manufacturing facility is strategically located at Khopoli, 90 kms from Mumbai- commercial capital of India, and in close vicinity of the western coast ports.
  • Experienced technical, marketing, designing, pre press, printing and sales support service team offers customers end to end packaging solutions.
  • Well equipped Q A laboratory ensures that our products meet precise customer specifications.
  • Only food grade resins procured from globally renowned companies are used.
  • Preferred supplier of converters & leading food processing companies in India & abroad.
  • Recognized exporter, having been awarded the Best Exporter of the Year award by Plexicon ( Plastic's Export Promotion Council of India ) in the suitable category several times in the last decade.
  • We strongly believe in long term relationships for sustainable growth. We constantly work with our suppliers and customers to innovate & develop more value added and cost-effective packaging solution.
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  • 7 layer blown film
  • Multi-layer barrier films
  • Manufacturers of co-extruded multi-layer barrier films
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7 layer production line
Capabilities of Performance Films

Supreme co-extruded barrier films are high performance three, five and seven layer films that are used for demanding applications such as vacuum packing, gas flushing, hot filling, pasteurization, sterilization, MAP, freezing, chilling and thermoforming. The five and seven layer nylon and/or EVOH co-extruded barrier films offer gas barrier, aroma barrier, flavor retention and chemical resistance.The sealant layer is engineered to meet specific requirements of vacuum packing of the products.

Five and seven layer nylon and/or EVOH co-extruded barrier films

Typical thickness: 25µ to 90µ

Application:Oral care, cosmetics, coffee, meat , ready to cook foods, pesticides, lubricants, fruit concentrates. Several of these products are packed in thermoforming films.

Bag in box films

Typical thickness: 70µ to 110µ

Application:water, fruit juice, wine, beer, edible oil, milk

Vacuum pouches/bags

Typical thickness: 80µ to 175µ

Applications:dry fruits, nuts, industrial components, cheese, tea, organic rice, polymers etc.


Typical thickness: 120µ to 280µ

Applications:convenience foods, bakery products, sweets, meat

Typical Structure for the above applications can be any from the list below :





Or any other combination as per customers demand.

  • Performance Films
  • Vacuum packing
  • Five and seven layer nylon and/or EVOH co-extruded barrier films
  • Co-extruded barrier films
  • Thermoforming
Applications of Performance Films
Lamination Films
Thermoforming Film :

• Dairy Products • Process Meat and Sea foods

• Bakery Products • Medical Devices • Poultry

Thermoforming Film
Lamination Film 1
Lamination Grade Film :

• Beverages • Lamitubes • Medical Devices

• Gels and cosmetics • Retail coffee Pack

Lamination Film 2
Vaccum Puches1
Vaccum Pouches / Gas Flushing / MAP :

• Cheese & Paneer • Meat and Sea foods • Seeds

• Spices, Tea/Coffee Bags • Dry Fruits • Snack Foods • Rice & Staples

Vaccum Puches2
UHT Milk Packing
UHT Milk film :

• UHT Milk • Fruit Juices • Soy Milk

• Yogurt • Sauces • Fruit Concentrates

UHT Milk Packing 1
Oil Film1
Oil Film :

• Edible Oil • Ghee • Vanaspati •Lubricant Oil

Oil Film2
Industrial Application
Industrial Application :

• Bulk Bags for hygroscopic materials

• Liner for Windmill Blades

• SMC Compound

Lidding Film1
Lidding Film :

• Dairy Products • Meat and Sea foods • Bakery Products

• Medical Devices • Ready to eat foods • Jelly Cups

• Fresh Vegetables

Lidding Film2
  • Performance Films
  • Bulk packing of Meat & Poultry
  • Packing of Convenience Foods
  • Packing of Fruits juice, pulps & concentrates
  • Barrier films for toothpaste gels & cosmetics
  • Thermoformed barrier webs
  • Bulk packing of Dairy Products
  • Vacuum packing Dates, Dry Fruits & Nuts
  • Packing of Spices
  • Packing of Marine Foods
  • Bulk Bag liners (FIBC)
  • Lidding films
  • MAP packaging
  • Barrier films for fruits concentrates
Technical Capabilities of Performance Films Division

The Supreme Industries Ltd has got an integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility comprising of the latest technology from the world leaders in multilayer blown film extrusion machines with gravimetric feed systems, Optifil P2K thickness control systems, internal bubble cooling systems from Windmoller & Holscher, Germany.


7 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films from 25µ -250µ and widths up to 2200mm, 5 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films from 40µ - 250µ with width up to 1100mm and tubular films from 450mm-1100mm, 3 layer films from 50µ - 300µ up to 1300mm


Facility to print up to 8 colors in our advanced rotogravure printing machines fully equipped with automatic registration controls and web video systems.


Latest slitting machines equipped with edge guiding systems, auto-web controls and with in-built stroboscope

Pouch/ Bag Making

Facility to manufacture vacuum or non-vacuum 3 side seal or centre seal pouches from a minimum of 100mm x 100mm to a maximum 850mm x 1300mm. Most of the consumer / industrial products these days are being sold in vacuum or non-vacuum 3 side seal or centre seal pouches

For bulk vacuum packing, we can give bottom sealed bags with a minimum width of 450mm and maximum width of 850mm. These can also be supplied duly printed on our rotogravure printing machines. Several consumers are doing bulk vacuum packing of products like tea, rice, fertilizers, polymers etc. We can also give gusseted bags for bailing applications.

Quality Assurance

With a fully equipped quality control laboratory and quality assurance system in place, we assure our customers a consistent, high quality product.

  • Performance Films
  • 7 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films
  • Rotogravure printing machines
  • Vacuum or non-vacuum 3 side seal or centre seal pouches
  • Multilayer blown film
  • 5 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films
  • Bulk vacuum packing