Petrochemical Products


  • High heat

    Foam board; foam sheet for disposables, extruded clear sheets; moulded items like CD jewel boxes, toothbrushes, ballpens.

  • High strength, Improved flow

    Refrigerator components like crisper trays. Items like brushes and ballpens.

  • Easy flow

    Injection moulding

  • Medium flow

    Extrusion coating; injection moulded household and novelty items.


  • High flow

    Gas assist injection moulded TV cabinets, computer accessories, etc.

  • Super high impact

    Luggage cases, cosmetic boxes, shoe heels,etc.

  • ESCR grade

    Refrigerator door/cabinet liners and dairy containers. Suitable for Freon, HCFC 141b, Cyclopentane.

  • High gloss

    Office accessories, cameras, toys, appliance housings, diskettes.


  • Pre-coloured GPPS and HIPS

    Custom coloured for specific requirements.

  • Antistatic, UV and scratch resistant

    Electronic products. Items requiring rough handling.

  • Ignition resistant HIPS

    Meeting UL94 flammability rating.

  • Toughened PS blends.

    For clear impact and flexible compound requirements.

  • High heat, FR compounds

    Ideal for electrical and automotive industries.

  • Synthetic wood compounds

    For extrusion and injection moulding.

  • Masterbatches

    Whites, additive

  • Custom compounds

    Tailored to meet specific application requirements.

  • High heat distortion resistance grades with intermediate strength and flow.
  • High strength grade SC202EL for medium thickness applications like CD jewel boxes, audio cassettes, office accessories, medical packaging and injection blow molded medical bottles.
  • Medium flow, high toughness grade SC202LV for fast cycling products like CD jewel boxes and stationery.
  • Good flow and strength grade SC203EL for injection molding of houseware, cutlery, stationery, novelties, cassettes, labware etc.
  • Easy flow, high strength grade SC203LV for long flow path applications like thin wall cups, containers, vials, jars and cutlery produced in multicavity tools. Ideal for glossy cap layer on HIPS sheet.
  • Grade SC206 which flows easily and has good strength for general injection molding applications like tableware, crystalware, beads, bangles, timepieces and cosmetics.
  • A low molecular weight grade SC208 which flows extremely easily for high speed injection molding of thin wall parts that have relatively low strength requirements. Also suitable for hangers, compounding and concentrates.
  • High impact grade SH825 with easy flow and heat distortion resistance for injection molding of houseware, cooler bodies, watch cases, wall clocks, novelties etc.
  • High impact versatile grade SH731 with normal flow and good low temperature toughness for extrusion and injection molding. Applications include thermoformed food and non-food packaging, formed industrial items, hot/cold beverage glasses, audio/video cabinets, business machines, ball pens etc.
  • High flow grade SH03 with excellent toughness for gas assist molding of TV cabinets and high speed molding of thin walled parts. Also suitable for AC grills, toys, computer accessories, refrigerator components etc.
  • High heat, high melt strength grade SC201E for OPS packaging, XPS insulation board, foam trays, extruded clear sheets, lighting profiles, medical disposables, closures and caps.
  • Medium heat, high toughness grade SC201LV for large refrigerator parts like crisper trays, ball pens, office accessories.
  • Matte finish grade SH2157 with increased environmental stress cracking resistance against agents like Freon II, HCFC 141 b, Cyclopentane and fatty foods. Suitable for refrigerator liners and fatty food packaging.
  • High gloss grade SH400M with balance of toughness and strength for injection molded styling parts of appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, toys, camera, pen barrels etc.
  • High heat, high toughness grade SH2114 for extruded sheets and thermoformed deep draw industrial applications.

This range of products contains specific additives which modify properties of polystyrene to meet specific requirements. This speciality offering includes:

  • Custom coloured transparent and opaque polystyrene with very high consistency and fastness.
  • Antistatic polystyrene grades with different efficacy & transparency.
  • Toughened polystyrene grades with varying levels of toughness, transparency and heat resistance.
  • Grades with much higher heat distortion resistance with different flow and toughness.
  • UV stabilized, coloured transparent and impact modified polystyrene grades.
  • Highly tough grades with very high resistance to chemicals, water vapour permeation and environmental stress cracking.
  • Fire retardant grades with gradated flow and fire retardancy levels.

* Detailed product literatures for all modified polystyrene range of products are available on request. Kindly contact your nearest Supreme representative.