Medium Bodied (cPVC)
January 20, 2018
Thread Sealant
January 20, 2018

Heavy Bodied (cPVC)

Heavy Bodied (cPVC)


Item Code SBCPVCHD0015
Size Liters 15ml (tube)
Box Qty 24
Item Code SBCPVCHD0030
Size Liters 30ml(tube)
Box Qty 24
Item Code SBCPVCHD0060
Size Liters 60ml(tube)
Box Qty 24
Item Code SBCPVCHD0061
Size Liters 60ml
Box Qty 48
Item Code SBCPVCHD0100
Size Liters 100ml
Box Qty 24
Item Code SBCPVCHD0250
Size Liters 250ml
Box Qty 24
Item Code SBCPVCHD0500
Size Liters 500ml
Box Qty 12
Item Code SBCPVCHD1000
Size Liters 1000ml
Box Qty 12
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