Elbow Holder
January 18, 2018
Pipe Clip (C)
January 18, 2018

Pipe Clip

Pipe Clip


Item Code MC1P1PCL001I
Size MM 15
Size Inch ½
Box Qty 800
Item Code MC1P1PCL002I
Size MM 20
Size Inch ¾
Box Qty 600
Item Code MC1P1PCL003I
Size MM 25
Size Inch 1
Box Qty 600
Item Code MC1P1PCL004I
Size MM 32
Size Inch
Box Qty 300
Item Code MC1P1PCL005I
Size MM 40
Size Inch
Box Qty 200
Item Code MC1P1PCL006I
Size MM 50
Size Inch 2
Box Qty 160
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