Protec Carpetmate
Protec Carpetmate

High performance and resilient closed-cell underlay for Carpets...

'PROTECcarpetmate' is a range of high performance and resilient, closed cell extruded crosslinked /non-crosslinked Polyethylene foams to be used as an underlay for Carpets to improve comfort, cushioning effect, give rich feel and luxurious experience of walking on the thick carpet. more...

Features :

  • Excellent cushioning improves walking comfort & support
  • Reduces wear & tear- Being mechanically stronger foam, it increases the carpet life
  • Resistance to moisture, fungi, detergents etc. – Protects your carpets
  • Ease of application – Being a closed cell structure, it requires less adhesive & quick installation
  • that helps in meeting the project deadlines
  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulations – ‘PROTECcarpetmate’ (carpet underlay) helps in reducing the thermal load
  • in the room as well as blocks the noise transfer from one floor to another, assuring better privacy
  • Available in various thickness, width & lengths

Applications :

  • Carpet underlay

Application areas :

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Luxury apartments & Cottages
  • Multiplexes & theatres
  • Music rooms and recording studios
  • Server rooms
  • Office complexes, Clubs and many more...