Protec Winterguard

An innovative solution to prevent heat loss from glass windows in cold weather conditions

PROTECwinterguard is a unique composite solution to prevent heat loss from glass windows in extremely cold weather conditions.  It effectively acts as a barrier to heat transfer. It retards the loss of heat through the glass windows thereby maintaining a pleasant environment inside the room. It however does not block the sunlight entering in the room.
PROTECwinterguard is a laminate of a specially modified self-sticking film and high-strength insulating PROTECbubble

Features :

  • Very easy to apply on glass windows using water spray No glue required
  • Does not leave any mark on the window glass when remove – does not require excessive cleaning after removal
  • Allows percolation of sunlight - saves light & electricity
  • Acts as a transparent heat barrier thus conserves energy

Applications :

  • Overlay of glass windowpanes during winter
  • Protection of sheet glass during transit
  • Overlay on partition glass

Ideal for use in :

  • Residential & commercial establishments during winter season
  • Automotive side window heat shielding
  • Packaging of sheet glass & glass articles