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Industrial Packaging
Industrial Packaging 1
Industrial Packaging 2
Industrial Packaging 3
Industrial Packaging 4
Industrial Packaging 5
Industrial Packaging 2
Industrial Packaging 6
Industrial Packaging 7
Industrial Packaging 8
Industrial Packaging 9
  • Packing of heavy project/ODC-cargo.
  • transport Industrial Packaging, packaging.
  • Jumbo bags for storing of industrial raw material.
  • Machine covers.
  • Flexi container liners.
  • Shipping bags & drum liners.
  • Packing & Covering of Industrial Packaging products stored in open.
  • Packing of export consignments Inner liner for corrugated boxes.
  • Advantages
  • Silpaulin packing gives an aesthetic look to the product packed.
  • Silpaulin packing is widely used by industries for oversize jobs/ odd sizes products which are shipped overseas.
  • Silpaulin can withstand the pressure of wire ropes and other impacts during transportation or while loading & unloading during the shipment. Thus provides most vital protection from environment.

  • Many companies use Silpaulin as inner liner of box for component export. Due to moisture resistant properties of the film, it protects the product from corrosion. Silpaulin is an ideal film for Flexi container liner/ Shipping bags/ Drum Liners.
    The packed boxes stored in open yard are for prolonged period deteriorates. Hence the boxes when covered with Silpaulin to protect, enhances the life of the boxes and the products inside.
    Industrial Packaging 9
    Industrial Packaging 10
    Industrial Packaging 11
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