• Armour
    Special purpose, closed-cell, expanded polyethylene foam
  • Protec Net
    Expanded polyethylene foam tubular netting sleeve
  • Litelon
    General purpose, low-density, closed-cell, expanded polyethylene foam
  • Protectubes
    Expanded polyethylene foam tubes for cushioning
  • Bubble
    Air bubble film
  • protecrods
    Expanded polyethylene foam rods
  • capcell
    High-performance, closed-cell, crosslinked polyethylene foam
  • protec xlc
    Extruded, closed-cell, chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam
  • litecell
    Low-density, closed-cell, crosslinked, dual expansion PE / EVA foam
  • carpetmate
    High performance and resilient closed-cell underlay for carpets
  • profiles
    Extruded polyethylene foam profiles
  • fitments
    Customized, expanded / crosslinked foam fitments
  • Winter guard
    An innovative solution to prevent heat loss from glass windows in cold weather conditions
  • protec animat
    Specially designed, anti-slip, closed-cell crosslinked foam mats for better comfort to the animals
  • regisil
    Engineered, reticulated polyurethane foam