Insulation Division (Thermal & Sound)

INSU rubberfoam

Insu Rubber Foam
Insu Rubber Foam 2

High performance rubber blended foam for sound insulation‘

INSUrubberfoam’ is an open cell, crosslinked rubber blended foam for excellent sound absorption characteristics.

Features :

  • Open cell structure offers excellent sound absorption - NRC value 0.48 @ 15mm thickness
  • High density offers benefit of sound absorption & transmission loss
  • Meets UL-94 HF1norms hence fire retardant and safe
  • Flexible

Applications :

  • Interior sound absorption in theatres, concert halls, multiplexes, banquet hall, home theatres
  • Industrial applications - Sound Baffles, generator/HVAC equipment curtains, other equipments for noise reductions.
  • Commercial structures: Malls & shopping complexes, airports, BPO & call centers, offices, conference rooms, gymnasiums, sports complexes.
  • Thermal insulation - For subzero temperature insulation & high temperature insulation

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