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INSU Sound Bcap


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INSUsound-Bcap is a versatile acoustic insulator designed for noise control in the outdoors. Manufactured by special bonding technique of engineered open cell cross-linked microcellular hydrophobic polyethylene, it provides better noise control and weathering resistance which is ideal for outdoor conditions. INSUsound-Bcap has inherent self stiffness and hardness required to last long in adverse environment.

Features :

  • High stiffness & good compression strength
  • Excellent resilience and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to moisture and microbial
  • Dust and fiber free
  • No weathering effect
  • Green building compliant, CFC/HCFC free
  • Easy to cut, fabricate, perforate, die-punch and laminate

Recommended Applications

  • Environmental noise barriers
  • Automotive NVH applications
  • Industrial & genset canopies
  • Marine & offshore applications
  • Partition walls
  • Piping insulation
  • Heavy machinery, off-road vehicles
  • Home appliances

Ideal for use in

  • Outdoor noise barriers
  • Offices & commercial establishment partition walls
  • Off-road vehicles & heavy machineries
  • Piping insulation