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INSU Sound Bxl


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INSUsound-Bxl is engineered high performance acoustic foam. It is manufactured using exclusively developed hi-tech machines with precise selection and bonding of engineered open cell hydrophobic polyethylene in light weight. This provides a four way effect i.e. loss of sound energy on impact, deflection and change of direction, trapping of sound waves due to engineered cell orientation and absorption and barrier properties of the cells. INSUsound-Bxl is truly the best choice for noise control challenges.

Features :

  • Exceptional sound absorbent
  • Light weight, long-lasting & non-deteriorating
  • Ease of handling, application & installation
  • Low adhesive consumption
  • Dust and fiber free
  • Excellent chemical, microbial and weather resistance
  • Green building complaint & CFC/HCFC free
  • Fire retardant

Recommended Applications

  • Genset and compressor enclosures
  • Auditorium and architectural acoustics
  • Industrial noise control applications
  • Automotive NVH applications
  • Railway and metro coaches
  • AHU room acoustics

Ideal for use in

  • Genset & outdoor equipment canopies
  • Airports, hotels, commercial acoustics
  • HD home theaters, auditoriums & concert halls