Agriculture / Horticulture

As Silpaulin has excellent moisture-resistance properties, they are used for covering greenhouses, mulch, and post-harvest seeds. It can also be used for fumigation, poultry curtains, pond and canal lining, bullock cart covers, tractor trolley coverings, and floor underlays among other things.

Applications of our agricultural sheets

  • Azola farming Sheets
  • Portable Garden beds
  • Plant protection sheets
  • Fruit Ripening Chambers
  • Poultry curtains and roofs
  • Silage urea enrichment bags
  • Portable vermicompost beds
  • Floor underlays (Dunnage sheets)
  • Greenhouse/ low tunnels/ nursery sheds
  • Portable Silpaulin plant nutrition bed (Hydro phonics)
  • Crop protection film for Grapes
  • Covering of agricultural produce (pre & post) harvest sheets
  • Covering of tendu leaves, tamarind, and other forest / hill produce
  • Fumigation of tobacco leaves, food grains, grapes and other agricultural produce
  • Drying of spices, areca nuts, coconut, rubber, chillies, turmeric, grapes (raisin) and other agricultural produce
  • Farm ponds / pond lining / freshwater ponds / fish ponds / raw water reservoirs / Diggi / Jalkundh / community water tank / portable water tank etc.