Plastic Crates


Supreme's expertise as a renowned plastic crates manufacturer stands unmatched. We specialise in an extensive range of crates, including jumbo crates, heavy-duty crates, and stackable plastic crates, catering to diverse industries.


Our commitment to quality extends to manufacturing specialised crates such as those for vegetables, dairy, and other industrial uses. The durability and practicality of our storage crates, available in various sizes, make them an ideal choice for warehousing needs.


Whether it's nestable crates for efficient space utilisation or crates manufactured for the food and catering industry, we take pride in delivering supreme material handling solutions. Trust in our excellence as we continue to be at the forefront of providing top-tier plastic crates tailored to meet your unique demands.




For Storage & Handling Purpose

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Unveiling Excellence of Supreme Material Handling Division’s Plastic Crates

In the Material Handling industry, Supreme is a leading plastic crates manufacturer crafting exceptional quality that sets new standards for durability, functionality, and versatility. Our comprehensive selection of crates meets a variety of requirements, encompassing jumbo crates, heavy-duty crates, and beyond, showcasing our dedication as one of the premier industrial crates manufacturers.

Robust Construction:
Our plastic crates boast robust construction, ensuring resilience even in demanding industrial environments. It can withstand temperatures between -35 degrees and 75 degrees Celsius.

Versatility for Varied Industry:
Tailored to meet industry-specific needs, our crates serve multiple purposes, from vegetable crates to dairy crates and other industrial applications.

Our stackable plastic crates maximise storage efficiency, making them valuable for warehousing solutions.

Specialised Crates:
Our product line includes specialised solutions such as banana crates, fishery crates, and bottle crates, meeting the unique requirements of diverse sectors.

Customised Sizes:
Whether you need plastic crates for vegetables or fruits, big-size items, or any other industrial application, our customised size option ensures a perfect fit for your needs.

Ergonomically designed & pleasing aesthetics:
Our crates boast an ergonomic design that prioritises your ease of use. Experience enhanced functionality, making every usage a pleasure.

Nestable Efficiency:
Our nestable crates facilitate efficient storage and transportation, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

Hygienic and Safe:
Crafted with food-grade materials, our plastic crates are suitable for the food industry and catering, ensuring a hygienic and safe storage solution.

Effortless Portability with Maximum Strength:
Our lightweight plastic crates are manufactured to redefine convenience without compromising strength and durability. Experience easy portability with a design that stands up to heavy-duty use.

UV Light Resistant:
We are leaders in designing portable solutions with powerful UV light guards. Our crates provide maximum protection against the sun's rays for sustained, high-performance results.

Resistance against Fungi & Bacterial growth:
The enduring quality of our plastic storage crates provides resistance to fungi & bacteria growth, ensuring long-lasting performance.