Innovating Products, Creating Impact

A Supreme product isn't just designed to be consumed, it is created to make an impact. Over the years, the brand ‘Supreme’ has become synonymous with quality and sustainability in Indian households. Our diverse product portfolio brings convenience, accessibility, affordability and, most importantly, a value that improves the quality of life and transcends industries and boundaries.

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Delivering Reliability & Trust

Supreme Pipes, Fittings & Water Tanks

Traditional concrete and GI Pipes had issues in durability and functionality due to breakages, blockages, leakages, root penetration, etc.

These issues impact the health of people at large – through the supply of contaminated drinking water/ through leakage/ breakage of sewage pipes leading to water and soil contamination which lead to epidemics. With inadequate piping networks in earlier times, rural women had to walk long distances to fetch water, and urban women had trouble storing water received after odd hours. With Supreme’s innovative plumbing and drainage products, these issues have been addressed. From pipes for drinking water to agriculture, water tanks to septic tanks, drainage products to rainwater harvesting system products or newer innovative products like portable toilets, all products have been meticulously developed keeping in mind the aim of providing quality and comfort to society.

Antibacterial and technologically sophisticated water storage solutions make it possible to store drinking water safely and hygienically, which improves community health. Septic tanks and robust manholes, two revolutionary products, have made it possible to stop soil and water contamination. Portable toilets have helped in the government initiative of sanitation for all. These easy-to-install innovative products have not only helped rural areas but have also aided in providing safe sanitation at large gatherings

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Reimagining Convenience

Industrial Products Division

Plastic is a magic molecule that is used across various industries and products.

Think of any utility item, and you will realize how plastic components have revolutionized the product development process. It has extended the longevity of appliances and automobiles by replacing metal components that are prone to rust and decay. It has also enabled accessibility due to affordability. Supreme being the largest processor of plastics, contributes majorly to the manufacturing of commodities that make life so much easier - be it ATMs, washing machines, water purifiers, fridges or automobiles. Plastics have become an integral part of our daily lives and Supreme strives to provide convenience to our customers through its quality plastic components which are used across various product segments and brands.

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Serving Functionality in Style

Furniture Division

Plastic chairs revolutionized the concept of seating by enabling a massive shift from sitting on the floor to sitting on plastic chairs, which then went on to become a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

Now it is safe to say that Indian homes have always included our furniture, be it in the form of a plastic chair in the living room or an entire dining set, thereby adding functionality and elegance to the interiors. Supreme strives to provide quality and economical furniture to all, from bustling metropolises to remote regions of India. Supreme aims not only to offer a great furniture experience to its customers but also to reduce environmental footprint by avoiding deforestation for furniture manufacturing.

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Integrating Convenience, Safety & Hygiene

Material Handling Division

With Supreme’s material handling products, we bring an element of accessibility and hygiene that aids in the secure delivery of food and numerous other commodities.

Crates used for material handling have caused a paradigm shift in the way our fresh vegetables and fruits are transported. Previously, they were transported in gunny bags which made the produce susceptible to damage and rotting, thereby causing wastage. Today, farm-fresh produce can be transported hygienically and safely. Our products contribute toward conserving the environment by reducing the use of wooden crates and pallets. With Supreme's material handling products, commodities are transported to distant locations in a safer, non-contaminated way, extending the shelf life of goods.

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Conserving Energy with Innovation

Protective Packaging Division

Supreme insulation material acts as a strong barrier to heat flow.

It can make your home more comfortable by reducing the amount of heat escaping in winter and reducing the amount of heat entering during the summer. This, in turn, conserves energy which otherwise is utilized to regulate room temperature. With Supreme’s insulation products, you not only save on precious energy but also your energy bills. Supreme understands the importance of sustainable alternatives and strives to reduce carbon footprints by providing such innovative solutions.

Supreme's protective packaging division takes pride in providing holistic products and service solutions for a wide range of industries, including packaging, sports goods, electronics, transport, healthcare, toys, insulation, construction and defence. Protective packaging and cushioning have made it easy for various industries to transport their goods without any damage. Bubble wrap is one such product that has helped the logistics industry by heaps and bounds by significantly reducing transit damages.

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Easy-to-use Functionality

Supreme Silpaulin (Multilayer Cross Laminated Films)

Supreme’s Silpaulin facilitates the storage and transportation of numerous products like food grains and other commodities.

Tarpaulin films help protect and cover perishable and non-perishable goods in warehouses and hygienically store them. Furthermore, Supreme ‘Silpaulin’ pond liners aid in creating sizable water reservoirs. It has helped raise the standard of living for those living in water-scarce villages. It also facilitates the construction of greenhouses, reservoirs & cultivation fields, and aids in construction and transportation industries.

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Safety First

Supreme Kavach (Composite LPG Cylinders)

With the launch of the composite LPG cylinder, Supreme has carried the legacy forward by creating a safe and convenient environment for people at large.

These explosion-proof cylinders eliminate the risk of blasts and other collateral damage, ensuring the safety of people.

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Enhancing Longevity

Performance Packaging Films

Thanks to Performance Films' diverse product range, food items have a longer shelf life and are now readily and hygienically available throughout India.

These products assist in the secure transportation and storage of food products, ensuring their widespread accessibility and lengthened shelf life. The food industry has greatly benefited from packaging solutions for food products. As a result, it has improved the accessibility of many food items in the most hygienic way, which has added convenience to customers’ lives.

At Supreme, every product is diligently designed to provide quality and comfort to society, whether it be piping and drainage systems, product packaging, moulded furniture, or innovative products like Supreme Kavach. Creating products that positively impact our customers by adding value to their daily lives is what Supreme, as a brand, strives for.