Silpaulin XF

The XF division of The Supreme Industries Limited has been manufacturing reliable, cost-effective, and quality Multilayered Cross Laminated U.V. Stabilised Films ‘Silpaulin’ since 1987. These films are used for various agricultural, industrial, and covering processes.

The Silpaulin film comprises several layers of plastic films placed in a criss-cross pattern and bonded by a patented cold-roll technique. The division produces ‘Silpaulin’ in India in technical collaboration with Rasmussen Polymer Development AG, Switzerland.

The film made from cross lamination is extremely strong yet lightweight, flexible, and tougher than any plastic film of comparable weight and thickness. Supreme Industries manufactures more than 29,000 MT of Multilayered Cross Laminated Films every year. Silpaulin Star is a patented Swiss Technology, the product having gained momentum overseas in Europe, Pacific Islands, Africa, America, and the Middle East for different applications. The annual turnover for the Cross Laminated Films division during 2021-2022 is in excess of INR 600 Crores.


The Multilayered Cross Laminated Films, Silpaulin, have a large variety of applications in agriculture, industrial, and various other sectors.


  • Larger Area Coverage.
  • As per IS 14611-2016 standards.
  • 100% recyclable, hence eco friendly.
  • Heat sealed joints guarantee NO leakage.
  • Customized to suit diverse industry needs.
  • Light weight, Easy to handle, transport and use.
  • Unmatched strength, Offers the assurance of 100% waterproofing.
  • All-weatherproof, with the ability to withstand tough climatic extremes.
  • Exported a single piece sheet, to cover an entire football field, to Europe!
  • Especially UV treated to resist radiation, and is inert to most chemicals and acids.
  • High elongation and flexibility enable it to be draped over odd shaped objects.
  • Supplied tailor-made integrated machine covers ranging up to 70 feet in length.
  • Excellent tensile strength. Tear and puncture resistance - can withstand the impact of sharp edges and blunt objects.
  • Supplied in customized sizes, thickness and colors. Films up to 300 GSM thickness and up to 9 feet in seamless width can be ordered.


  • Thickness : Films made in 30, 35, 45, 70, 90, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 GSM.
  • Sizes: Film made in 4ft to 9ft width can be fabricated to a custom made size as per customer's requirement (Exported cover for football field in 1 piece to Europe),
  • Color: Any color, our standard colors are Blue/Yellow, 2 side color film made in 150 & 200 GSM.

Customer Services & After-sales Services

Marketing Team

This division has an experienced marketing team stationed in all zones of India to provide the best of services to existing as well as prospective customers as follows:-

  • Regular visits to the site where the product is put in use and understanding if any changes are required in the product.
  • Understanding consumer’s expectations about product and service.
  • Attending Service / Quality complaints at short notice and arranging for a technical person’s visit from the manufacturing plant, if required.

Technical Team

We have a fully equipped technical team stationed at the manufacturing unit to provide the following type of after-sales service:-

  • Undertake installation work of pond liners at the site.
  • Attends to quality complaints.
  • Provide technical guidelines about the product and its use.

Strength of Division

We deliver what we claim both as regards product & Service. Our strength lies in the following:-

1 Made to order size We specialize in made-to-order customized sizes. We make it possible to fabricate and supply it in minimum possible time.
2 Shortened Delivery period Because of good extrusion, fabrication and stock holding capacity, our product delivery time is the shortest all over India.
3 Quality Product We have a fully equipped lab of BIS Standard wherein various tests are carried out on both raw material and finished products to ensure standard quality products. Further apart from in-house quality checking of product at each level of the process, we have engaged one independent third-party inspection team for checking of final product to ensure that only quality products go into the market.
4 Experienced Production team We have an experienced production team associated with the division since the inception of this revolutionary new technology product.

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