Sustainable in every aspect.

Supreme functions with an environment-first perspective. Our environmental initiatives and strategies illustrate our commitment to a sustainable future.

Over the last several decades, the function of corporate organizations has gradually evolved from expansion and growth to that of overall value-creating institutions for all of its stakeholders. With an all-encompassing goal of driving change for the betterment of society, Supreme has always implemented processes that go beyond wealth creation. Today, it is crucial to understand the impact of carbon emissions. Supreme’s primary focus is on reducing its carbon footprint when it comes to manufacturing. The company has been taking several initiatives to uphold its objective of low-carbon emissions and continues to do so.

Increase the use of renewable energy from

17% to 25% of the total energy requirement.
23 manufacturing units using renewable

(solar/wind) energy.

Aim to achieve a reduction of

carbon emission by 60,000 tons every year.

Reducing emission intensity of

CO2 per MT of production by 2%.
Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report

(BRSR) published.

Reduction of water footprint by re-use & re-cycling

of water.

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Marching towards becoming a carbon-neutral company

Supreme strives to reduce carbon emissions in its operations through the use of renewable energy and low-carbon fuels. Starting in FY 22-23, we have replaced LPG with PNG in the Kanpur Plant for lower carbon emissions. Further, our greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 3.59% & avoided emissions by 36.36% in FY 2021-22. Our Hosur & Chennai plants are very close to achieving carbon neutrality by utilising 75% clean energy. We also replaced the asbestos roof sheets with metallic sheets at multiple locations across India.

Low Carbon Emission Roadmap

  • FY 22-23: 76.80 million kWh with 60,700 tCO2 avoided emission.
  • FY 23-24: 87.10 million kWh with 68,809 tCO2 avoided emission.

Renewable Energy

Climate change is the biggest business challenge in coming years since we are experiencing an unprecedented scale of extreme weather events such as heat waves, floods, drought, and cyclones, while mother earth’s temperature is increasing continuously every year due to the overexploitation of natural resources.

As overwhelming as the challenges are, it is our company’s unshakeable belief that our business possesses the immense capability to make a transformational contribution as a corporate to make sustainability a core component of our business strategy.

Supreme Industries Limited formed a vertical ‘Energy and Environment’ for climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy programme to augment our vision towards sustainable development.

We have taken concrete steps to move forward in sustainable development by establishing rooftop solar power at different locations across India by investing 72 crores and procuring green energy from the market. Already 23 manufacturing units have started utilising renewable (solar/wind) energy.

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Renewable Energy Roadmap

  • All new plants will be equipped with renewable energy.
  • Current rooftop solar capacity is 28 MWp. Plan to increase it to 36 MWp.
  • Renewable hybrid energy is being utilised in 3 units.
  • Group captive hybrid power utilisation started at Noida & Kanpur units.
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Water Management

Supreme is concerned about the global issue of water scarcity. The company has taken several measures to monitor, conserve, recycle and reduce the consumption of fresh water.

We strive to improve the groundwater level by building ponds and pits to collect & conserve rainwater. We follow/use a rain water harvesting system (catch the rain) and zero liquid discharge (stop the drain) policy for water management.

We preserve our water resources by reusing STP-treated water for internal purposes. We also adhere to the water management system's legal requirements.

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Green Products

Our diverse offering of products manufactured in an eco-friendly manner serves to save natural resources. Multiple Supreme insulated products, including INSU Sound XLO, INSU Sound BN, INSU Sound B CAP, INSU BXL, INSU Tape, INSUflex Hose & Sheet, INSU Reflector, INSU Shield, INSU Shield Tubing and INSU MELA Foam are classified as Green products and certified by CII-Green products and service council.


ISO 50001 Certification: Energy Efficiency Improvement

Our 7 major energy-intensive plants are already certified for ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS), and our management has a vision that all our plants will be certified for Energy Management System by the year 2025.

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ISO 14001 & ISO 45001: Environmental Management & Safety Management System

Our 12 manufacturing units are already certified with ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.

Business Responsibility Sustainability Report (BRSR) :

As a part of SEBI’s mandatory requirement, Business Responsibility Sustainability Report (BRSR) was published.

ESG reporting, CDP Carbon Disclosure Projects, fulfilling all Environmental Compliances, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), and Green Procurement Policy for sustainable sourcing from value chain partners are a few of our key focus areas.

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A Sustainable Tomorrow

In today's day and age, the green movement is more important than ever. It is indeed every company's responsibility to make changes and choices that benefit the environment. Hence as a company, we aim to foster an environment-first culture in the future as well.