PE Column Pipes For Submersible Pumps

These PE column pipes have been specially designed and are manufactured under stringent quality checks. They are tested to withstand system loads comprising the weight of the pump, water, and pipe weight with adequate factor of safety. Due to the unique design of square threads, they can withstand considerable shock and jerk loads during operation. PE column pipes supplied with separate couplers are integrally locked with the pipes. Couplers are locked with the pipes using a wire lock or using special adhesives. Supreme PE Column Pipes for Submersible Pumps offer many advantages like lightweight, high tensile load capacity, leakproof joints, and long life making them very economical. These provide a much better option than conventional metal pipes. These PE column pipes are available in 25 to 100mm(1" to 4") dia in different classes.

PE column pipes are available from 32 to 110mm sizes in PN 4 and PN 6 pressure classes, conforming to IS 4984. These pipes are available in the form of coils from 50 to 500m lengths.


Special compound - Supreme column pipes are manufactured from specially designed uPVC compound to make them sufficiently strong against loads and pressure that they may encounter during installation and use.

Light weight - Supreme column pipes are light in weight enabling easy and economical transportation.

Hygienic - As uPVC is immune to galvanic and electrolytic erosion, both pipes and water remain unaffected. These pipes can be installed in all types of acidic or alkaline mediums which adversely affect metal pipes.

High tensile load capacity - Unique square threads made on CNC machines provide sufficient grip and additional strength against tensile loads. Thus, the joints become fairly strong with a sufficient safety factor to take care of the load of the entire assembly along with the weight of the pump. These specially designed threads also make them suitable for easy joining and re-joining several times.

Leakproof joints - Specially designed D-type and flat rubber sealing rings provided on the threads make the joints watertight and help absorb pump vibrations.

High flow rates - Mirror smooth inner surface of the pipe and corrosion resistant property prevent scale formation which ensures a high flow rate resulting in substantial power saving.

Wide range - Supreme offers a wide range of column pipes in 25 to 100mm (1" to 4") dia in light, medium, super medium, eco standard, standard, super standard, heavy, and super heavy duty variants. These eight varieties of pipes designed for different installation depths cater to all the pump delivery head requirements. Besides pipes, Supreme offers required accessories like adapters, pump guards, jigs, loop bails, strap wrenches, etc. for installation, reinstallation, and pump safety.

Long life - Supreme pipes are manufactured with the latest technology under stringent quality control. Specially imported additives are used for higher strength and long trouble-free service life.

Overall economy - The advantages listed above result in making these pipes more economical as compared to GI pipes.

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