Cableguard DWC HDPE Cable Duct Pipes

CableGuard comprises DWC pipes and fittings to offer complete solution for the protection of underground cables. This strong and sturdy product offers excellent crush strength, ensuring the safety and integrity of cables even under heavy loads. Additionally, the flexibility of DWC pipes allows smooth and efficient cable ducting without compromising the cables' performance. Combination of strength and flexibility makes CableGuard as the ideal choice for safeguarding underground cables, ensuring their reliability and longevity in various applications.

Pipes and fittings in 40 to 120 mm sizes in type 450 (450N) as per IS:16025 Part 24 standard.


Features and Benefits

  • Excellent stiffness – Suitable to withstand heavy overload and high impacts
  • Great flexibility - Being light in weight and elastic in nature, these pipes are easy to transport and install
  • Mirror smooth inner surface – Easy insertion and pulling of cables
  • Excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance properties
  • Anti-Rodent property
  • No flame propagating property
  • Watertight joints and moisture proof
  • Maintenance free
  • Long life
  • Cost effective
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Eco-friendly

After Sales Services

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