E-lite Advance Plumbing System

Supreme e-lite advanced plumbing system offers various advantages such as highest burst pressure & impact resistance, excellent temperature, pressure, chlorine and oxidative resistance. This system is suitable for multiple applications like plumbing, compressed air, solar water heating system, radiant floor heating and fire sprinkler system.

Pipes in 16 to 32 mm sizes in 3 variants - PEX Monolayer, PEX-AL-PEX Multilayer and PE-AL-PE Multilayer and Fittings in 16 to 32 mm sizes in 3 categories - Monolayer, Multilayer and Brass compression type complying to National and International standards viz.IS-15450, EN-ISO-15875, EN-ISO-21003 and IAPMO-IGC-306 with all necessary tools and accessories that are available for installation.


1) Ideal for potable water application

3) Long term reliable performance

4) Easy and fast installation

5) Different installation methodologies

6) Easy to repair and maintain

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