Eco-Drain Hi-Tech Structured Wall Pipes

PVC pipes are ideal for underground drainage and sewerage applications but are not accepted to the desired extent. This is mainly because of the cost considerations in comparison to conventional stoneware or RCC pipes. Due to technological advancements, now many types of structured wall pipes have evolved to offer a cost advantage. Eco-drain pipes are one such type that offers multiple advantages at a competitive price. Eco-drain pipes are not solid wall pipes but have a unique wall structure with holes in the wall thickness in the longitudinal direction. It is a profile wall pipe using I-beam construction. Due to this design, Eco-drain pipes are noticeably lighter and less expensive than any solid wall PVC pipe of similar stiffness, and many times lighter than concrete pipes with equivalent load carrying capacity. These pipes are now widely getting accepted in the drainage and sewerage segment.

Eco- Drain pipes are available from 110 to 400 mm sizes in SN 2, SN 4 and SN 8 classes, conforming to IS 16098.


Structural strength - Eco-drain pipes are designed using I-beam construction which provides a high moment of inertia and hence sufficiently durable to meet soil overload requirements.

High flow capacity/hydraulics - Superior hydraulics due to mirror smooth internal surface and hence reduces the possibility of blockage.

Watertight joints - Unique design of joints with click ring and sealing ring assures completely leak-proof joints.

Great flexibility - Installation becomes very convenient and faster due to the lightweight and longer lengths of pipes.

Minimum installation expenses - Trench width and gradients requirements are minimized due to simple jointing technique and high flow rates, which results in extensively saving in the installation cost.

Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks

Hygienic and safe - High standard of hygiene is maintained because of the watertight joints and trouble-free performance of the pipes without any blockage or leakage.

Low maintenance costs

Long life - The pipes are sufficiently durable as they resist corrosion, sediment buildup, and ill effects of chemical reactions.

Cost-effective - Supreme Eco-drain pipes are cost-effective, as compared to conventional pipes and solid wall PVC pipes over the life cycle.

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