FlameGuard® C-PVC Fire Sprinkler System

Supreme FlameGuard® is manufactured from a specially developed C-PVC compound. Supreme FlameGuard® products provide a cost-effective yet effective alternative to metal pipe systems with the advantages of high corrosion resistance, improved hydraulics, and comparatively very easy and quick installation. C-PVC fire sprinkler system is based on proven products that have been in continuous use for over 35 years. The system is approved by UL®.

Flameguard® C-PVC fire sprinkler pipes are available from ¾” to 3” sizes in SDR 13.5 pressure class, conforming to IS 16088. Fittings are available from ¾” to 3” sizes in SCH 40 and SCH 80 pressure classes, conforming to ASTM F 438 and ASTM F 439 respectively.


Corrosion-resistant C-PVC material does not encourage biological growth - Unlike metal systems, Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC products never rust or are not prone to scaling or pitting and do not encourage biological growth - a cause of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) which could destroy metal fire sprinkler systems from the inside out.

Superior flow characteristics for lower friction losses - The smooth-wall interior surfaces of Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC systems result in reduced friction loss over metal systems resulting in a quick discharge of water in times of need. The design flow remains constant throughout the life of the product as there is no interior corrosion in the system due to microbiological activity.

Pressure rated to 12 bar (175psi) at@ 65°C (150°F) - Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC products are produced in a combination of SCH 40 and SCH 80 class. Fitting conforms to ASTM F 438 or F 439 standards and FlameGuard® SDR 13.5 C-PVC fire sprinkler pipes conform to ASTM F 442 standards. UL-rated working pressure is 12 bar (175psi) at@ 65°C (150°F).

Simple and easy installation resulting in lower costs - Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC system installations significantly reduce costs over conventional metal piping by virtually eliminating prefabrication. Systems can be fully installed on-site using solvent cement joining methods

UL listed (UL 1821) for NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D systems - Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC system is UL-1821 listed. UL certificate no. is 20150729-EX26525.

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