Supreme PE Electro-fusion Fittings

Due to increasing urbanization, new application segments like 24x7 drinking water supply, water distribution and piped gas supply are emerging at very faster pace. To meet the requirements of these crucial application segments, Supreme has introduced the safest and the most reliable 'PE Electro-fusion fittings'. This new range of fittings introduced by the company is manufactured using virgin raw material and most modernized injection molding machines with integrated quality control. Supreme PE Electro-fusion fittings provide strong and homogeneous joints that withstand high pressure and external loads. The grade of raw material used for manufacturing these high quality fittings is approved by WRAS, UK and tested by NSF International, UK as per BS 6920. Thus, Supreme PE Electro-fusion fittings will provide assurance of excellent quality, high-performance welds, and excellent long-term service performance.

These fittings are available in 20 to 315 mm sizes, PN10 (SDR 17) and PN16 (SDR 11 ) pressure ratings and comply with EN 12201-3, EN 1555-3, ISO 4427-3, ISO 8085-3 standards. These fittings are compatible with PE 80 and PE 100 pipes.


  • Reliable joint performance
  • Extremely robust design
  • Strong and durable
  • Most suitable for conveying gas and drinking water
  • Light in weight
  • Rust free hence no encrustation
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with all types of PE pipes
  • Easy and fast installation

After Sales Services

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