Lifeline C-PVC Hot & Cold Water System - CTS Series

Lifeline C-PVC is designed for hot and cold water supply in residential, commercial and public projects, high and low rise buildings, corporate houses and academic institutes, solar heater applications, etc. CPVC hot water pipe and CPVC hot cold pipe are suitable for all uptakes and down take lines, terrace looping, and concealed pipe work applications. The choice of the raw material, the structural accuracy, and the strict quality control impart a high degree of reliability to Supreme Lifeline C-PVC. Lifeline is the most suitable, easy, and economic solution for the transportation and distribution of potable water. It is technically much superior, cost-effective, and offers many advantages over GI and other conventional systems.

Supreme offers CPVC hot water pipe and CPVC cold pipe series - Lifeline C-PVC pipes are available from ½” to 2” sizes in SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 pressure classes, conforming to IS 15778. Fittings are available from ½” to 2” sizes in SDR 11 pressure class as per ASTM D – 2846. High pressure class pipes and fittings in ¾” and 1” sizes in SDR 9 are also available as per company standard.


  • High quality and wide range - The system consists of pipes and a wide range of fittings with company-manufactured, NSF-approved international quality solvent cement, which makes the system complete in all respect.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks - Lifeline® is completely free from corrosion and offers excellent resistance to a great number of chemicals like strong mineral acids and bases.
  • Most suitable for carrying potable water - Being free from corrosion has also negative biological effects and does not break down even under the harshest water conditions. It does not let the quality of water deteriorates.
  • Lightweight, easy and quick assembly - Lightweight and simple solvent cement jointing methods result in extensive savings on time, labour, and costs.
  • Tough and rigid material - C-PVC has a much higher strength modulus than other thermoplastics used in plumbing applications. Due to its tough and rigid material properties, Lifeline® can withstand higher pressure and temperatures. It requires lesser support with minimum offsets/looping. Hence CPVC hot water pipe is the best choice for high pressure/temperature.
  • Leakproof joints - Jointing with special solvent cement manufactured and supplied by the Company ensures 100% leakproof joints.
  • Low thermal expansion - As the coefficient of thermal expansion is low, expansion due to temperature variations is reduced and hence unsightly snaking of pipes can be avoided.
  • Superior insulation properties - Lifeline® CPVC hot water pipe has better insulation properties than metal pipes which reduces heat loss and consequent insulation costs.
  • Fire resistance - Lifeline® C-PVC does not support combustion.
  • Maintenance-free - Being free from rusting, pitting, or scaling and galvanic or electrolytic corrosion, maintenance is minimal.
  • Highly economical in the long run - This system is more cost-effective than any other plumbing system in the long run.

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