AquaKraft Plastic Bathroom Fittings

The company has recently unveiled an extensive array of bath fittings crafted from engineering plastic materials. Marketed under the brand name AquaKraft, these plastic bath fittings showcase a commitment to innovation and quality. Our product line includes plastic water taps, showers, health faucets, valves, and various utility components. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our bath fittings align with the latest market trends. Manufactured using 100% virgin material, we adhere to rigorous quality standards to ensure leak-free, drip-free, and durable products. Each plastic bathroom fitting undergoes a thorough life cycle test, guaranteeing longevity. Notable features include excellent resistance to chemicals and salt deposits, emphasizing both cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. Experience the epitome of quality with AquaKraft plastic bath fittings.

The supreme offers a wide range of bath fittings manufactured using engineering plastics under the brand name of aqua Kraft. This product range includes all kind of taps, showers and faucets and bathroom accessories etc.


Easy to fix

Long life due to no metal parts in function

The spindle can be replaced easily

Aerators can be cleaned easily

All taps are of standard ½" BSP threads and can be replaced easily

UV-stabilized, fatigue resistance, and high flexural strength

Made out of engineering plastics

No fading of colour, no dust of salt sedimentation

No moisture effect, like black spots

Can be used for hot and cold applications up to 65°C

Light in weight


Excellent style and finish besides being environmentally friendly

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