Rainbow Rainwater Gutter Pipe

Presenting the Supreme Rainbow® Roof Gutter System, a cutting-edge solution in design, aesthetics, and functionality, boasting numerous advantages. Crafted from uPVC, this system encompasses specially engineered profiles (gutters), various fittings, clamps, and accessories. Tailored to meet the demands of sloped roof structures, the gutters and fittings are meticulously designed. Diverging from other systems, Rainbow® roof gutter system sets itself apart by offering more than a traditional half-cut design, ensuring maximum flow with essential freeboard. This design feature eliminates the risk of spillage or overflow, thanks to its impressive high-flow carrying capacity. The Rainbow® Roof Gutter System showcases a classic 150mm size, delivering a substantial rainwater capacity suitable for a roof area of 310m² with just one downpipe. Seamlessly connecting to a 110mm (4") circular downpipe, this system is a testament to efficiency and reliability in rainwater management.

Rainbow Roof Gutter system consists of pipes and fittings in 150mm size conforming to EN 607.


Unique design - This roof gutter system is specially designed to accommodate high flow rates without overflow of rainwater even during heavy rainfall.

Strong and durable - Rainbow® roof gutters are provided with longitudinal ribs along the length which makes them strong and durable.

High carrying capacity - Due to its excellent hydraulic properties and a large cross-sectional area, the carrying capacity of this roof gutter system is considerable.

Easy and quick installation - Being lightweight, it is very easy to handle, transport, and store. Installation of this system is very convenient and quick.

High corrosion resistance - Being immune to chemical, electrolytic, and galvanic action, the system is absolutely free from corrosion. It does not require a protective coating.

High chemical resistance - The roof gutter system has excellent resistance to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils, and domestic effluents. Therefore, it is completely resistant to acid rainwater. This feature is particularly important in coastal regions and in areas with environmentally aggressive industries.

100% leakproof - This system is designed with special rubber rings to avoid leakage through joints.

Odorless and hygienic - The roof gutter system is ideal for carrying rainwater, as it is not subject to any contamination. This is particularly important when rainwater is reused.

Elegant appearance - Smooth to the touch and glossy, Rainbow® components gives an elegant appearance.

Maintenance-free - This system is maintenance-free and offers longevity and endurance at a reasonable cost.

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