Raingain - Rainwater Harvesting Filter

An integral component of any rainwater harvesting system, the rainwater harvesting filter plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of collected rainwater. Supreme's PVC pipe filter for rainwater harvesting stands out with its unique design, crafted to effectively eliminate suspended leaves, dirt, debris, and solid particles from rainwater gathered on the roof. This rainwater harvesting filter unit features a stainless steel strainer equipped with a fine mesh, providing impeccable filtration for rainwater. Filtering rainwater before it enters storage tanks, recharge pits, or wells is essential to prevent water pollution. Operating on the principles of gravity, cohesive force, and centrifugal force, this rainwater filter possesses self-cleaning ability, eliminating the need for an external power supply. Elevate your rainwater harvesting system with Supreme's rainwater filter, ensuring the purity of collected water through a seamless combination of innovative design and efficient filtration mechanisms.

Works on the principles of gravity, cohesive force, and centrifugal force

Unique, compact, and stable design – Rainwater harvesting filters have a unique design that efficiently filters the rainwater entering it using the S. S. strainer.

Strong, durable, and long-lasting – PVC pipe filter for rainwater harvesting are sufficiently strong to take all sorts of forces that they will encounter. As there are no moving parts, there will be no wear and tear, thus it lasts for a long time and provides trouble-free service.

High and consistent filtration efficiency – The design of the filter and the strainer is such that this filter unit gives more than 90% filtration efficiency, which means maximum utilization of rainwater to reduce wastage.

The filtering efficiency remains constant even with a variation in the intensity of rainfall

Suitable up to 2500 sq ft roof areas – More filters can be used for larger areas with additional down-take pipes.

Flexibility in pipe connection for any angle and degree – Rainwater harvesting filters are designed in such a way that they can adopt incoming down-take rainwater lines in any direction. Similarly, the outlet of the filter can also be connected to any angle of delivery pipes.

Simple and quick installation – Compact in design and lightweight, these PVC pipe filter for rainwater harvesting can easily be fitted in a very short time.

Self-cleaning mechanism – Automatic removal of suspended solids is a great feature.

Easy to inspect and maintain through large inspection opening – The filter body is provided with a large-sized threaded cover which can easily be opened for cleaning and maintenance.

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