Ribbed Screen Casing Pipes

Ribbed Screen Casing Pipes are provided with V shape ribs on their exterior surface. The special design of this structure with fine slots provided on the pipes prevents the entry of even small particles, and hence permeability of the screen is maintained. These ribbed screen casing pipes are generally used in combined wells or used for specific soil formations where normal screen pipes do not work, e.g., fine sand. These pipes are provided with male and female threaded ends.

Manufactured according to IS 12818, these ribbed screen casing pipes are available in 40 to 200 mm sizes.


Wide varieties - Supreme offers varieties of casing pipes to suit different application requirements in the borewell sector.

Excellent corrosion resistance - Unlike steel pipes, uPVC casing pipes are completely immune to corrosion and offer good resistance to aggressive elements in the soil which could cause encrustation of well screens.

Light in weight - These ribbed screen casing pipes are light in weight which makes their transportation and installation easy and cheaper than conventional materials. These advantages particularly manifest themselves in rural areas where they are most needed but due to poor roads, transportation is difficult.

Quick and convenient installation - These ribbed screen casing pipes are provided with good quality threaded joints, due to which they can be easily assembled and installed where drilling is done by hand, with a lightweight drilling rig or even with large capacity drilling machines.

Excellent strength and stiffness - These pipes have excellent stiffness and meet all the mechanical properties as per IS 12818. They have excellent hydrostatic collapse pressure that is capable of withstanding the external hydraulic pressure that these pipes would be subjected to during the construction of the well.

Non-toxic - The material of the ribbed screen casing pipes is non-toxic and hence does not impart any taste, odour or colour to water. It also does not release any harmful substances into the water which could pose health problems. It also resists bacteria, making it completely safe for drinking water.

Non-conductive - uPVC is a non-conductor of electricity eliminating any electrochemical reactions with groundwater that could cause encrustation of screens.

Long lasting - As the material is free from rusting, weathering, and chemical reactions, and with excellent mechanical properties, Supreme casing pipes last a lifetime.

Economical - Apart from all the advantages listed above, Supreme uPVC casing pipes and screens are the most economical borewell solution as compared to other materials or even alternative uPVC casing pipes available in the market.

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