Safegard Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

STP is a facility to treat wastewater collected from households, colonies, townships, or cities. Wastewater contains contaminants that include bacteria, organic chemicals, and other toxins. STP aims at reducing these contaminants to an acceptable level. Micro-organisms convert polluted water, sewage, waste, etc. into clean or clear water. STP improves the quality of water and makes it safe for disposal or discharge back into the environment or the treated water can also be reused for the purpose of gardening, irrigation, flushing, etc. depending on the degree of treatments involved.

Supreme has introduced safeguard packaged sewage treatment plants in different capacities ranging from 5 KLD to 100 KLD.


  • An intelligent combination of anaerobic and aerobic treatment
  • Excellent effluent quality - Meets SPCB/CPCB requirements
  • Excellent treatment efficiency and energy efficient
  • Hygienic and safe operation
  • Free from leakages, breakages, and blockages
  • No root penetration and fungal growth
  • Rust proof
  • Minimal sludge generation
  • 70% reduction in O & M cost compared to conventional STPs
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Fully autonomous - No need for skilled supervision
  • Minimum intervention with self-sustainability
  • Availability with a design option for underground or above-the-ground installation or its combination.
  • Available in 5 to 100 KLD capacities
  • No chemical dosing
  • Simple, quick, and user-friendly installation
  • Aesthetic view and noise-free working
  • PLC-based automatic operation

Product Usage Guide

Installation of Safegard Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

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