Streamline SWR Drainage System For Affordable Housing

Supreme has pioneered the SWR Drainage System in India. This efficient and trouble-free system has completely replaced the conventional CI and AC drainage products from the market. Alike the SWR Drainage System, Skyrise is yet another finest low-noise drainage system offered by the company for high-rise buildings and premium projects. In addition, to these two drainage systems, recently, we have introduced a new building drainage system for the affordable housing segment under the brand name Streamline. This pocket-friendly drainage system is designed to meet all the functional requirements of the affordable housing sector.

Streamline SWR drainage pipes and fittings are available in 75 and 110mm sizes as per company standard.


Quick and efficient removal of waste without leakage

Strong and long-lasting

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

UV resistance

Quick and convenient installation

Adequate and easy access for cleaning and clearing obstructions

Minimal maintenance

Cost-effective - Cost-effective solution for affordable housing

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