Ultra Plus DWC Structured Wall Pipes & Fittings - DWC Pipes

Supreme Ultra Plus Double Wall Corrugated DWC pipes are more strong than solid wall pipes of the same wall thickness and have a unique wall structure with a corrugated structure externally and smooth surface internally. This specific structure gives the DWC pipes a unique combination of stiffness and flexibility to sustain soil and traffic loads that the pipe may encounter in service while in buried condition. A smooth inner surface allows uninterrupted flow without any blockage. These corrugated pipes produced with state-of-the-art technology offer multiple benefits, especially as they are much lighter than any conventional pipe and even lighter than solid wall plastic (PVC, HDPE, or PP) pipes.

Ultra plus DWC pipes are available from 75 to 800mm sizes in SN 4 and SN 8 classes, conforming to IS 16098. Fitting are also available from 75 to 500mm sizes.


Great flexibility - Being light in weight and elastic nature, these DWC pipes offer a lot of flexibility while installation as they are adaptable to any type of contour pattern.

Excellent stiffness - Suitable to withstand heavy overload pressure (soil and traffic loads) and sustain various loads that will encounter during installation and in use.

Perfect hydraulic properties - Glass' smooth inner surface has manning's coefficient 0.009 – 0.010 (which remains constant without any deterioration during life expectancy) helps in the rapid disposal of flowing waste. Such a smooth surface greatly reduces the possibility of blockages and maximizes the flow characteristics, therefore carrying capacity increases by 40% over concrete pipes.

Excellent chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance properties - Being in plastics, these pipes are free from corrosion and offer excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. These pipes have excellent abrasion resistance which gives them an edge over metal and concrete pipes.

Watertight joints - DWC pipe joints are 100% watertight and hence free from any infiltration, ex-filtration, and root penetration. Due to this, the surroundings remain unaffected and the possibility of soil or underground water pollution is eliminated.

Easy and quick installation - Due to longer lengths and lighter-weight pipes, installation becomes very convenient and fast. These corrugated pipes are very easy to join using slip-on techniques with integrally welded or individual couplers provided with the pipes. Unlike conventional concrete or metallic pipes, these pipes do not require any heavy handling equipment for installation due to their lightweight feature. These pipes can be easily laid in constrained areas thereby saving additional extraneous costs. Thus these DWC pipes are very user-friendly and cost-effective.

Maintenance-free - Being free from scaling, encrustation, and chemical reactiveness, there is no need for any regular maintenance, occasional flushing with water keeps the surface smooth and aids the usable age-enhancing functions.

Long life - Being free from corrosion, chemical reactiveness, and excellent abrasion resistance these DWC pipes can last over a century.

Cost-effective - 60 to 70% weight saving in comparison to solid wall plastic pipes and hence much cost-effective and 95% lighter than concrete pipes.

Eco-friendly - These corrugated pipes are eco-friendly, processing and reprocessing do not have any adverse impact on the environment and due to watertight joints there is no possibility of soil and underground water pollution.

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