UltraGard Composite Covers & Gratings

In line with the tradition of introducing many unique and innovative products, Supreme is pleased to introduce composite plastic covers / composite manhole covers under the brand name Ultragard. Supreme Ultragard composite covers are designed and rigorously tested as per EN 124 standards and offer many advantages like improved structural strength, durability, better UV and chemical resistance properties. These advantages make these composite manhole covers an ideal choice for gullies, inspection chambers, and manholes. Looking at the versatile features these covers will successfully replace the conventional CI, SFRC, and GRP covers.

Supreme has introduced a wide range of composite manhole covers and gratings made of composite plastic. Besides this GRP and SFRC covers are also available in different sizes. These composite manhole covers and gratings are available with different load capacities ranging from small pedestrian load to 40MT wheel load.


Light in weight – These composite manhole covers are easy to handle and install

Strong and sturdy design to withstand designed loads

Better impact strength

Supreme’s composite manhole covers are made with Anti-skidding design

Excellent resistance to wear and tear

Excellent chemical, corrosion, abrasion, and UV resistance

Non-recyclable material and better locking provisions help to protect against thefts

Supreme’s composite manhole covers are cost-effective

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