UPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings - Solvent Weld & Elastomeric Rubber Joints

Supreme offers an exhaustive range of uPVC pressure pipes and fittings. uPVC Pressure pipes are manufactured as per IS 4985 : 2000 standards and are available in 20 to 450-mm sizes in different pressure classes. Pipes with both types of joints, i.e., solvent cement type and rubber seal type are available. Varieties of moulded fittings and a wide range of handmade fittings are also available. Moulded fittings are manufactured as per IS:7834 and fabricated fittings are manufactured as per IS:10124 and company standards. These uPVC Pressure pipes and fittings are used for a variety of applications like irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools, firefighting mains, etc.

uPVC pressure pipes are available in solvent weld and elastomeric rubber ring type from 20 to 450mm sizes in PN 2.5 to PN 12.5 pressure classes, conforming to IS 4985. Fittings are available from 20 to 315 mm sizes in PN 1 to PN 16 pressure classes, conforming to IS 7834. Wide range of fabricated fittings is also available to make the system complete in all respect.


Odourless and hygienic - These uPVC pressure pipes are an excellent choice for carrying potable water as they do not allow contamination.

High corrosion resistance - Being immune to chemical, electrolytic and galvanic action, these uPVC Pressure pipes are free from corrosion which ensures a much longer and more useful life.

High chemical resistance - uPVC Pressure pipes offer excellent resistance to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils, and domestic effluents. Smooth bore - uPVC Pressure pipes have a mirror smooth inner surface and hence better flow characteristics in comparison to AC, CI, and GI pipes.

Self-extinguishing quality - This feature eliminates the need for fire-resistant coatings.

Maintenance-free - The corrosion resistance property of the PVC pipes eliminates the need for repeated painting or coating like in the case of GI pipes.

Long lasting - As these uPVC Pressure pipes are free from weaknesses caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering, and chemical action, they have a much longer effective life.

Economical - Despite being superior to conventional pipes, Supreme PVC pipes are very light in weight and last much longer than older piping systems offering a great economy in handling, transportation, installation, and replacement.

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