Varsha Sprinkler Irrigation System

Supreme offers HDPE-coupled pipes, fittings, and accessories, for sprinkler irrigation. This is used for spraying water through nozzles (sprinklers) to get maximum water use efficiency. This system consists of pipes and fittings along with different accessories which are designed and developed by experts in the field to provide the best quality. Supreme Varsha® Sprinkler Irrigation System can be used even in undulating fields with excellent results and is useful for all most all types of soils and crops. The system, while helping in reducing the requirement of water for irrigation, effectively prevents soil erosion.

Supreme Varsha Sprinkler pipes and fittings are manufactured as per IS: 17425. The pipes are available from 50 to 200mm sizes in Class 1 (2.5 Kg/cm²), Class 2 (3.2 Kg/cm²), Class 3 (4 Kg/cm²) and 90mm size in Class 4 (6.0 Kg/cm²). The fittings are available from 50 to 140mm in Class 1 (2.5 Kg/cm²) and Class 2 (3.2 Kg/cm²) and 90mm size in Class 4 (6.0 Kg/cm²).


More than 40% water saving in comparison to flood irrigation

Well-sited for irrigation of undulating fields- Levelling of land is not required

Portable, lightweight, and easy to handle

Extensive savings in transportation and labour cost

Easy and quick installation by using a coupler-type joint provided with pipes and fittings.

Excellent corrosion-resistant properties

UV stabilized - Provides protection from ultraviolet Sunrays which makes it suitable for exposed application

Chemically inert - Makes it suitable for liquid fertilizers and pesticides.

Strong, durable, and long-lasting.


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