Supreme plastic water tanks are built tough and leakproof for years of reliable potable water storage. Our water tanks are manufactured using roto moulding technology and are made using 100% virgin materials to ensure superior strength and hygiene, making them perfect for homes, offices, factories, hospitals, and other commercial spaces. Choose from our overhead water tanks or underground water tank options to fit your needs, knowing they'll resist sun damage with UV stabilisation. Supreme water storage tanks come in 3 layer water tanks, 4 layer water tanks & 5 layer water tanks and offer a full capacity guarantee of 500, 1000, 2000 litres. 

Supreme Water Storage Tanks are rotationally moulded to ensure maximum strength and optimal performance. Available in both overground and underground storage variants, our tanks offer versatility for various applications.


Overhead Water Tanks & Loft Tanks:

Supreme Water Tanks, include plastic water tanks, loft water tanks, and overhead water tanks, renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. These water storage solutions cater to residential, commercial, and industrial needs, ensuring durability and efficiency. Crafted with precision using high-grade 100% virgin raw materials, Supreme offers a range of tanks with 3 layer water tanks, 4 layer water tanks & 5 layer water tanks designs, accommodating various capacities like 500 ltr and 2000 ltr. Their innovative construction provides resistance to UV rays and bacteria, guaranteeing the purity and safety of stored water. Whether for home use or industrial applications, Supreme's PVC water storage tanks stand as a trusted choice for efficient and long-lasting water storage solutions. Some of Supreme’s Overhead Water Tanks include Siltank, Weathershield & Ecosil.

Siltank: Supreme's Siltanks, rotationally moulded for maximum strength, feature 100% virgin raw material, ensuring superior quality and durability. With a strong and impactful design, thermal insulation, UV-stability, and suitability for drinking water, these tanks stand out for their strong covers, easy installation, and assured full capacity. Rigorously tested, Siltanks meet and exceed all quality parameters as specified by BIS.

Weathershield: Supreme's Weathershield tanks are rotationally moulded for strength and use 100% virgin, food-grade raw material, ensuring lasting performance and safety for drinking water. With superior thermal insulation, antibacterial properties, and all-weather resistance, these tanks provide protection against environmental changes and severe temperatures - Hot or Cold. Featuring strong, inbuilt locking covers, a water level indicator, and a pump controller for efficient water management, Weathershield ensures quality with a 5-layered design, readymade base plates for easy installation, and inbuilt hooks for lifting, meeting and exceeding BIS standards.

Ecosil: Supreme’s Ecosil tanks offer extra strength and superior performance, constructed from 100% virgin, food-grade HDPE raw material. With UV resistance, antibacterial properties, and an odourless design, Ecosil guarantees assured quality performance while remaining maintenance-free.


Underground Water Tanks:

Supreme Water Tanks excel in storing liquids like water or chemicals underground and can be installed in minimal space and maintenance. Whether you need plastic water tanks, underground water tanks, or water storage tanks, Supreme offers reliable options. With 4-layer, 3-layer, and 5-layer designs, their water tanks, ranging from 2000 ltr to 500 ltr, cater to various needs. Ideal for home use, these PVC water storage tanks provide durable and efficient solutions for all your liquid storage requirements. Supreme’s Underground Water Tanks include Amrutam & Coppershield that offer a shelf life of 50 years with a guaranteed leak proof performance.


Amrutam: Supreme's Amrutam underground water tanks, with a patented single-piece design, provide a robust and quick-install solution. Offering 100% watertight construction, minimal maintenance, and a service life of over 50 years, they are an efficient, eco-friendly choice for underground water storage.

Coppershield: Supreme's Coppershield Tanks ensure water safety with 100% virgin food-grade material and a robust four-layer design, featuring copper-infused technology for antibacterial protection and all-weather resistance. The rotationally moulded tanks provide maximum strength, structural integrity, and full capacity assurance.