Composite LPG Cylinder -
24.5 L /10 KG Propane

Manufactured using robotics at our state-of-the-art facility in Halol, Gujarat, the Composite Gas Cylinder - 24.5 L / 10 KG Propane is designed keeping in mind the highest levels of safety and quality. The innovative KAVACH Cylinder is certified by global inspection agencies such as KEBS, ESMA, KGS and PESO and is built for use in both domestic and industrial applications.

Technical Details

Certifications ISO 11119-3 | EN 12245 | EN 14427
Design Temperature -40°C to 65°C
Water capacity of Cylinder 24.5 L
Butane Capacity 12 Kg
Propane Capacity 10 Kg
Empty weight of cylinder without valve 5.8 Kg
Overall Height of cylinder 568 mm
Height up to the Bung top 474 mm
Outer Diameter 305 mm
Valve Tightening Torque 120 Nm
Hydrotest Test pressure 30 Bar
Working pressure 20 Bar
Burst pressure >120 Bar
Design life in years Non-limited