Plastic Cupboards & Wardrobes


At Supreme Furniture, we strive to innovate storage solutions to meet modern convenience. Our extensive range of plastic cupboards, plastic cabinets, plastic wardrobes, plastic almirahs, and plastic storage cabinets are designed to cater to your diverse storage needs. Whether you're looking for a stylish plastic wardrobe for clothes, a functional plastic drawer cabinet, or a plastic almirah for clothes for your little ones, we have you covered.


Our collection also includes specialized storage solutions such as plastic shoe racks to keep your footwear organized. We also have a special edition of Plastic Almirah for Kids. At Supreme Furniture, we prioritize quality, durability, and aesthetics, ensuring that our plastic storage solutions seamlessly blend into your living space while offering maximum functionality. Explore our range and discover the perfect storage solution that complements your lifestyle. 

2 colours available

Fusion 01 Plastic Cabinets

2 colours available

Fusion 02 Plastic Cupboards With 3 Shelves

1 colours available

Fusion 03 Plastic Almirah

2 colours available

Fusion SR 1 Plastic Wardrobes

2 colours available

Fusion SR 2 Plastic Cupboards

1 colours available

Fusion 1 BDR 2 Plastic Drawer Cabinet

2 colours available

Fusion 2 MDR1 Plastic Cupboards

2 colours available

Fusion DR 3 Plastic Drawer Cabinet

3 colours available

Symphony Plastic Storage Cabinets

3 colours available

Rhythm Plastic Almirah For Kids

1 colours available

Fusion 2 BDR 1 Plastic Drawer Cabinet

2 colours available

Fusion 1 FG Plastic Cabinets With Glass Panels

1 colours available

Fusion 2 FG Multipurpose Cabinets With Glass Panels

1 colours available

Fusion Doll Maxi Plastic Almirah For Kids

1 colours available

Fusion Doll Mini Plastic Almirah For Kids

2 colours available

Octave Plastic Storage Cupboards

2 colours available

HARMONY Plastic Wardrobes

1 colours available

Fusion 2HM Plastic Cupboards With Mirror Panels

1 colours available

Fusion Kidz Junior Plastic Almirah For Kids

1 colours available

Fusion Kidz Senior Plastic Almirah For Kids

Discover a redefined organization with Supreme Furniture. Our plastic cupboards, plastic almirah for clothes, and plastic shoe racks blend functionality with style. Experience clutter-free living with our thoughtfully designed storage solutions, where each piece reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Optimize your lifestyle and simplify storage with our cutting-edge and innovative designs.


Revamp your living or working space with Supreme Furniture's extensive collection of plastic storage solutions. Carefully crafted to suit diverse interior design themes, our range includes versatile options such as plastic cupboards, plastic wardrobes, and plastic almirahs.


Plastic Cabinets: Experience the lightweight convenience of plastic storage cabinets, an excellent alternative to traditional metal or wooden counterparts. Perfect for various spaces, from washrooms to living rooms and especially children's rooms, these cabinets offer a practical solution for organizing kids' essentials like clothes, books, and stationery. The vibrant colors and matt finish of our plastic wardrobe cabinets not only keep clutter at bay but also seamlessly complement the playful decor of a kid's room. Looking to tidy up your kitchen? Utilize plastic kitchen cabinets to neatly store cutlery, crockery, and grocery items. When choosing a plastic cabinet, ensure it's the right size for your room and opt for colors that enhance your interior aesthetics. At Supreme Furniture, we understand the importance of finding the perfect fit, whether you're in need of large or small storage cabinet options. Elevate your space with functional and stylish plastic storage solutions tailored to your unique requirements.


Discover Supreme's collection of plastic storage cabinets, thoughtfully designed to cater to a spectrum of organizational requirements with a touch of style.


1. Plastic Wardrobes
Supreme's plastic wardrobes redefine storage elegance, providing a sleek solution for organizing your clothes.

2. Plastic Drawer Cabinet
Experience practical organization with Supreme's plastic drawer cabinet, combining functionality and style seamlessly.

3. Plastic Cupboards for Clothes
Discover Supreme's plastic cupboards are designed exclusively for clothes, offering a perfect blend of convenience and sophistication.

Here are a few best-selling options that you can prefer:

Plastic Cupboards for Clothes with Drawer

Plastic Cupboards for Clothes without Drawer

Plastic Cupboards for Clothes Full-Size 5 Shelves

4. Plastic Shoe Rack
Step into a clutter-free space with Supreme's plastic shoe rack, a stylish and efficient solution for organizing your footwear.

5. Plastic Almirah for Kids
Supreme's plastic almirah for kids combines playful design with functionality, creating a perfect storage solution for your little ones.

6. Plastic Cabinets
Renowned for durability, easy maintenance, and affordability, Supreme's plastic cabinets are the practical choice for efficient storage in both homes and offices.


Elevate your living spaces with Supreme's plastic storage solutions — where durability meets design, transforming practicality into a seamless and stylish organizational experience.


5 benefits of using Supreme Furniture’s Plastic Cupboards for Storage

1. Durability
 Crafted with top-notch materials, these cupboards are built to last, handling everyday wear and tear with ease.

2. Affordability
Supreme's plastic cupboards are budget-friendly without compromising quality, making organized living accessible for everyone.

3. Easy Maintenance
Designed for hassle-free cleaning, these cupboards have smooth surfaces that resist stains, perfect for busy homes or dynamic offices.

4. Versatility
From clothes to accessories, these cupboards adapt to your needs. Specialized options like plastic cupboards for clothes ensure a perfect fit for every space.

5. Stylish Design
Supreme blends functionality with style, offering modern and sleek designs that enhance any room's decor while keeping it clutter-free.


Supreme's plastic cupboards provide durability, affordability, and versatility, adding a touch of style to your space and making organization a breeze.

Frequently asked questions

How can I decide if a cabinet will match my home’s decor and style?

Consider the modern and sleek designs of Supreme Furniture's plastic cupboards, ensuring they seamlessly complement your home's decor and style.

What are the different types of storage cabinets?

Different types of storage cabinets include plastic cupboards, plastic wardrobes, almirahs, and drawer cabinets, each serving specific organizational needs.

Can plastic storage cabinets be used in industrial or garage settings?

Yes, plastic storage cabinets are versatile and suitable for use in various settings, including industrial or garage environments.

Here are a few collections of storage cabinets that you can prefer for Industrial usage:

Plastic Storage Cabinets - Full-Size

Plastic Storage Cabinets - Medium-Size

Plastic Drawer Cabinet

Are these plastic cabinets easy to assemble and space-saving for easy storage when not in use?

Yes, Supreme Furniture's plastic cabinets are designed for easy assembly and space-saving storage, offering convenience when not in use.

How can I order plastic storage cabinets, and what are the ordering options?

Ordering plastic storage cabinets from Supreme Furniture is easy; you can explore their website or contact their customer service for convenient ordering options.

Do plastic storage cabinets meet safety standards and regulations?

Yes, Supreme Furniture ensures that their plastic storage cabinets meet safety standards and regulations for your peace of mind.

Can I find different sizes and styles of plastic storage cabinets?

Absolutely, Supreme Furniture offers a diverse range of plastic storage cabinets in various sizes and styles to match your preferences.

Are plastic storage cabinets suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, plastic storage cabinets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing weather-resistant and durable storage solutions.

What are the advantages of using plastic storage cabinets over other materials?

Plastic storage cabinets offer advantages such as durability, affordability, and versatility, setting them apart from cabinets made of other materials.

What are plastic cabinets designed for?

Plastic cabinets are designed for versatile storage, catering to various organizational needs from clothes to accessories.

Is a foldable wardrobe durable and strong?

Yes, foldable wardrobes can be durable and strong, providing a convenient and temporary storage solution.

Here is once of our best-selling wardrobe: Plastic Wardrobes for Clothes


Which Almirah is best for kids?

Supreme Furniture's plastic almirah for kids combines playful design with functionality, providing an ideal storage solution for children's items.

Here is our one of the best-setting Kids almirah you must check out:

Plastic Almirah for Kids Small Size

Plastic Almirah for Kids Medium Size

Which is the best plastic shoe rack?

The best plastic shoe rack depends on your specific needs; however, Supreme Furniture offers a stylish and efficient range to suit various preferences.

Must check out our latest model: Plastic Shoe Rack

Are plastic cabinets better than wood?

Plastic cabinets offer advantages like affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance, water resistant making them a practical choice for some over traditional wood cabinets.

Is plastic storage cabinet good for home?

Absolutely, plastic storage cabinets are ideal for home use, providing durability, affordability, and versatility in organizing various items.

Here are few best-selling storage solutions you can always go with:

Plastic Drawer Cabinet

Plastic Wardrobes for Clothes

Plastic Almirah for Kids

Plastic Wardrobes for Clothes with Mirror Panels

Is plastic storage cabinet good for the kitchen?

Yes, plastic storage cabinets are suitable for kitchens, offering a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution for organizing cutlery, crockery, and groceries.

What is the use of plastic cupboards or cabinet?

Plastic cupboards serve as versatile storage solutions, perfect for organizing clothes, accessories, and household items.